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Sastry's melodious, soulful songs tug at the heartstrings

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Published on: November 30, 2021 | Updated on: December 1, 2021

In his journey of over more than three decades, Sastry penned lyrics for more than 3,000 songs



Hyderabad: Having made his debut as a lyricist in Janani Janmabhoomi (1984), Sastry shot to fame with the song Vidhatha Thalapuna in K. Viswanath’s Sirivennela (1986), and the film’s name eventually became his surname.

In his journey of over more than three decades, Sastry penned lyrics for more than 3,000 songs. A father figure and an authority in the Telugu film industry’s lyrical scenario, he has been an inspirational writer with numerous witty yet profound lyrical compositions.

Be it an intellectual masterpiece song like Vidhatha Talapuna or song that has a philosophical touch like Adibikshuvu Vadinedi or contemporary love songs like Ee
Velalo Neevu Emchestu Untaavo (Gulabi) or emotional number like Chilakaa Ye Todu Leka (Shubhalagnam) or a youthful number like Botany Class Undi (Shiva) — he has an uncanny knack of coming with versatile writing Sastry brought a sea change in the way songs have been written in Telugu cinema. Dubbed as one of
the all-time great lyrists, Sastry never ever wasted ink for an obscene word.

Dubbed as one of the all-time great lyricists, Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry
brought in classic poetry in film writing. His powerfully evocative lyrics were also very instrumental in the films’ successes. Seetharama Sastry has left behind a legacy of quality and thought-provoking lyrics, which was blended with literary touch yet simply endearing. His sheer magical writing and literary command
made him a force to reckon with in the industry. His song, Maaradu Lokam in
film Ankumram, Niggadeesi Adugu from Gaayam, etc., reflected his times apart from flaunting his rebellious side.

Known for bringing out a refreshing change in the lyricwriting in Telugu cinema, Sastry was one of those lyricists who used to express his radical views on society and romance-based poetry in the same breath. An eloquent speaker and influencer, Sastry weaved magic with his choice of lyrics and garnered unprecedented fame.

One of the best traits of Sastry was that he used poetry to give a fresh perspective to songs and worked with the best music directors. He was a legend. There is simply no other term that describes his impact on Telugu cinema. He built his entire oeuvre over his classical literary pieces.

The legendary lyricist put together a body of work that is exquisite, unparalleledand magnificent. We may cry and grieve over his songs, but at the endof the day, we also find enlightenment and solace in his songs.

Sastry was only 66 when he passed away but not before he touched our hearts and souls with his song writing. He eventually left behind a great legacy of exquisite and unforgettable songs that make you cry and think.

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