A Conversation with Mr. Cartwright from Heeramandi

In an exclusive interview, we sat down with the talented actor Jason Shah, who portrays Mr. Cartwright in the acclaimed series Heeramandi. From preparing for his role to sharing insights on working with renowned director Bhansali, he offers a glimpse into the world of Indian cinema. Let’s find out more about his experiences, challenges, and future endeavors as he navigates the world of TV and film with ease.

How did you prepare for your role of Mr. Cartwright in Heeramandi?

I didn’t really prepare but just kept in mind to be subtle and not go over the top—how most villains are portrayed in Indian cinema.

A still from Heeramandi.

What was your experience working with Bhansali?

Overall, I learnt a lot from all the directors on set as you do if you work with an open mind.

Your filmography includes movies like Partner and August 16, 1947. How do you enjoy working in both TV and film mediums?

I think all platforms are great, although TV can be a lot more stressful and tiring, and can become very monotonous.

What was the most challenging scene for you to film in Heeramandi, and how did you overcome any difficulties?

No matter where you go in life, there will be great challenges. The biggest one is always to stay positive, even if no one around you can be. My way of living is to bring a little bit of mazaaq and masti in all that I do. I am a jovial person, and I like the mood around me to be such. Joy is my strength.

Your character has some intense confrontations with the lead characters. Can you share your experience working with the lead actors and the chemistry you shared on screen?

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I think the whole show is pretty intense and most characters have been given a lot of depth. I don’t overthink things and take each scene as they come. Even I get nervous. But as they say, when you get butterflies in your stomach, Use them.

What's next for you after Heeramandi? Any upcoming projects or roles you're excited about?

I just finished a Dharma project. And we are in talks for more.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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