From comedian to Comedy Villain: Actor Mahaboob Basha's Journey

Mahaboob Basha, is a name that is synonymous with laughter in Tollywood. The Telugu comedian has carved a niche for himself with his hilarious acts on movies alike.

A true blue Hyderabadi, Mahaboob Basha began his career at the age 14years as artist by Keka(2008) movie, which was directed by Noted Director Teja and eventually went on to bag roles in the big screen.
However, he got recognition by the film Memu Vayasuku Vacham(2012), which was directed by blockbuster director Trinadh Rao Nakkina,Mahaboob Basha is known for his witty one-liners, and different dialogue modulations. He can instantly connect with the audience with his comic timing and pecular voice, which helped him cement his place on movies

After Memu Vayasuku Vacham , he did almost 40 films as hero friend but he struggled for proper success, he didCinema Chupistha Mava, Nenu Local,Sita ,ABCD etc movies, he tried different slangs and body languages where he attracted director VI anand and he got a important role in Disco Raja(2020) movie, though the movie was not successful, he got good recognition because it’s Raviteja s film, after that he worked under Chandoo Mondeti for Karthikeya2, where he again got good success and where he met DoP Karthik Ghattamaneni, who casted him in a Prominant role in Eagle as comedy villain…this made him famous for his performance,now he is doing Nikil’s Swayambhu, Teja Sajja’s Mirai and some new projects in a important characters
His comic timing and expressions have made him a favorite among Tollywood filmmakers.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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