Chic and Confident: Tapsee Pannu on What Makes Vogue Eyewear Stand Out

In her fourth year of collaboration with Vogue Eyewear, Bollywood actor Tapsee Pannu, continues to embody the brand's ethos of originality, inclusivity, and self-expression. As a renowned fashion icon and actress, she shares her insights on the brand’s empowering campaigns, the significance of eyewear in her personal style, and her commitment to self-care and eye health.

In an exclusive interview with Deccan Chronicle, Tapsee reveals her favorite pieces from the Vogue Eyewear collection and discusses the exciting future of eyewear in the fashion industry.

You have been a consistent choice to endorse Vogue Eyewear. What does this partnership mean to you?

This is the fourth year of my collaboration with Vogue Eyewear and it has been a wonderful journey! Vogue Eyewear has always stood up for originality and inclusivity, where I resonate with the brand the most as it echoes my personal thoughts and beliefs. The brand’s campaigns have always celebrated real people who don’t just make trends for fashion but own it as an attitude. They aim to highlight how glasses aren’t just an accessory but an extension of your personality. Plus, working with Vogue Eyewear gives me a chance to express my style in a versatile way, and I love that! It’ss not just about looking good; it’s about feeling confident and empowered, and that’s what Vogue Eyewear is all about. So yeah, this partnership means a lot to me because it’s not just about endorsing a brand, it’s about being part of a movement that celebrates individuality and self-expression.

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What drew you to Vogue Eyewears keep playing campaign, and how do you relate to the brand’s values and aesthetic?

I really excited to be a part of the Keep Playing campaign; its key message resonates deeply with me. I love how Vogue Eyewear celebrates the idea of living life to the fullest, without inhibitions. Whether it’s daydreaming, experimenting with fashion, or just being spontaneous, the campaign captures those little moments of fun and excitement that makes life so beautiful. It encourages everyone to express themselves freely and live life to the fullest while infusing each moment with fun and playfulness.

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As a fashion icon and actress, how important is eyewear in completing your look, and how do you choose your eyewear?

I truly believe that eyewear is often seen as a statement accessory that can make or break your look. Whether it’s a pair of chic sunglasses for a glamorous red-carpet event or trendy frames for a casual outing, eyewear enhances my overall aesthetic and helps me express my personality.

Vogue Eyewear’s versatile range has something for every occasion.

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As a busy actress, how do you prioritize self-care and eye health, and what tips do you have for our readers?

Firstly, incorporating yoga, especially Suryanamaskar and Pranayam, helps me maintain physical and mental balance, which indirectly contributes to eye health. Secondly, Taking regular breaks from screens is crucial. I make sure to give my eyes a breather, whether I’m on set or working on scripts. Maintaining a fixed sleeping cycle is a game-changer. I ensure I get a solid 9 hours of sleep every night. This not only rejuvenates me but also completes my sleep cycle, which is vital for overall health, including eye health. Of course, diet plays a significant role.

I opt for home-cooked meals packed with fruits, vegetables, and fish rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for eye health and overall well-being. I believe consistency is key and your eyes will thank you for it!

How do you think Vogue Eyewear styles and designs resonate with your personal style and sensibilities?

As someone who loves to experiment with fashion and embrace my individuality. Vogue Eyewear styles and designs resonate with my personal style and sensibilities on multiple levels. They deliver a sense of fun, vibrancy, and inclusivity that align perfectly with my own outlook on life, through bold colors, playful patterns, or innovative designs.

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What is your favorite Vogue Eyewear collection or piece, and why?

My absolute favorite from Vogue Eyewear has to be the 0VO5565S sunglasses! They’ve got this cool modern twist on the classic retro shape, with vibrant colors and textured temples that make them stand out and give them such a chic and trendy vibe. They’re the kind of shades that effortlessly elevate any outfit, whether I’m running errands or stepping out for a glamorous event. Plus, they are super comfortable to wear! They’re my go-to for sure.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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