Dil Raju to Regain his Script Judging Capability?

After losing heavily in ‘Family Star’, noted producer Dil Raju is reportedly planning to put his heart and soul into his next production with hotshot Vijay Devarakonda and director Ravi Kiran. “He will dig deep into the script and screenplay and he will make necessary corrections, if any and would ensure a wholesome entertainer by plugging all the loopholes,” says a source. He claims that Dil Raju trusted the combination of Vijay Devarkonda and director Parasuram since they earlier delivered the blockbuster ‘Geeta Govindam’.

“He didn’t keenly observe the screenplay since he totally trusted the heady combination. He just spent lavishly since he believed that Parsasuram had a winner on hand but things went awry,” he adds.

He claims that Dil Raju attained name and fame in Tollywood with his accurate ‘script judgement’ and delivered blockbusters like ‘Arya,’ ‘Parugu’, ‘Bommarrillu’, “Mr Perfect’, and “Kotha Bangaru Lokam’. “Dil Raju has a methodical approach. Once he gives his nod to a script, if he finds novelty in the story. Thereafter he ensures story sittings until the screenplay turns to his satisfaction. He would allow shooting permission, only after he is sure about the script to dialogue version. He will use his creative judgement from now on,” he points out.

He claims that he has nothing much to do with ‘Game Changer’ since he believed in the directorial skills of ace director Shankar and his combination with big star Ram Charan. “He is not a producer but a filmmaker. A producer doesn’t bother about a script and just doles out money trusting the actor-director combination.

Whereas, a filmmaker works from the scratch and uses his judgement skills and then delivers a hit movie. Dil Raju to regain his midas touch,” he concludes.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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