Brahmanandam Memes Lend Comic Relief to Political Heat

With political season peaking in Telugu states, youngsters are using star comedian Brahmanandam and his unique expressions and antics to poke fun at political leaders of different parties and also to ridicule Hindi and Telugu movies. “Brahmi is undoubtedly the uncrowned king for memers,” says famed writer Gopi Mohan who worked with Brahmi in laugh-riots like ‘Ready’, ‘Venky’, ‘Dhookudu’ and 'Badshah'.

“Brahmandaam has played special comedy characters and it made him the star comedian. His flair for comedy and unique expressions for varied situation besides his comedy timing has made him the badshah among comedians,” he adds.
He said that his body of work and varied characters like Jal Reddy in ‘Venky’, ‘Raovugaru in ‘Dhee’ and McDowell Murthy in ‘Ready’ have been etched in the minds of Telugu audience and earned him a huge following. “He has been ruling the roost in Tollywood for over three decades and now his characters are being used by memers to evoke fun and they are making huge money too,” he adds.
Although many comedians like Sunil, Vennela Kishore and Priyadarshi have entered the industry, Brahmanadam towers over all of them. “In the last few years, Brahmandam has done several individual characters, which very few comedians can match up to and he is going to dominate social media in the upcoming days too,” he informs.
He asserts that Brahmandam became a star comedian relying on his versatility in evoking laughter with his numerous expressions. He has carved a niche for himself among Telugu film viewers and general audience alike. Brahmanandam should be charging these memers since they are totally dependent on him to tickle the laughing bones,” he says jokingly.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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