Tusshar Kapoor Remembers Sangeeth Sivan, says "Releasing His Film Without Him Will Be Painful"

Actor Tusshar Kapoor who was recently shooting alongside Shreyas Talpade for Sangeeth Sivan's last film Kapkapiii, recalls working with the late director and calls it his passion project.

Produced by Jayesh Patel under the banner of Bravo Entertainment and written by Saurabh Anand, it also features features Sonia Rathee, Siddhi Idnani, Jay Thakkar, Varun Pandey, and Dherendra Tiwari.

Devastated by the loss, Kapoor gets emotional while talking about Sangeeth Sivan. He says,"He was very passionate about Kapkapii and releasing his film without him will be painful for all of us. But it would be unfair to him and his legacy to not celebrate his passion project and bring it appropriately to the audiences! Sangeeth was always a cheerful and optimistic person, and that's how he would have liked his work to be finished! Since the film is over and post-production is still ongoing, his presence during this crucial phase will be missed. However, I have full confidence that his team, who worked closely with him, including family members who shared his vision every step of the way, will honor his vision and deliver the film he envisioned. I'm sad but excited and looking ahead, not just for myself and Kapkapii, but also for him to finally find peace!"

Kapoor further mentions, "Sangeeth ji had a very clear vision about the film and the characters in it. It had to be entertaining with a realistic backdrop and believable characters! He worked hard on the look for all the actors and there were readings too to build on the chemistry between everyone! He also had a penchant for making the actors feel more at ease to give their own interpretations to the roles, as long as it went with the script and his vision for the film! He ensured that everyone was treated respectfully and there was positivity on set."

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