This Top Bollywood Star has no manager!

Actor Ranbir Kapoor's career scaled heights with the recently released Animal. The actor's performance was praised by almost everyone. So finesse it was. Did you know that Ranbir, being such a popular actor, does not have a manager? Yes. He doesn't.

This might sound shocking to many but it is the truth. In a recent podcast that took place, a few YouTubers came together to talk about actors and when Ranbir was one of the topics, a lot of things were revealed by one of them.

He said, "A top casting agency in Mumbai. The top agency even has to call Ranbir directly and then wait till he gets back. He sorts his dates by himself and does not allow a manager to come in between all this."

On the contrary, some actors do not do anything without telling, asking and informing their managers. Undoubtedly, and undeniably, these managers do manipulate the actors and the filmmakers. It is to be accepted that in Tollywood, there is a lot of drama that happens because of these managers for multiple reasons. Most of the heroines lose opportunities because of hiring the wrong managers.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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