Shah Rukh Khan had no money to pay EMI, recalls Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla has had a long-standing friendship with Shah Rukh Khan. From acting in films together to co-owning an IPL team, they have given us countless friendship goals over the years. While it is common knowledge that Shah Rukh Khan went from rags to riches to become the King of Bollywood, Juhi Chawla recently shared an interesting anecdote about his early struggles.

SRK's Early Struggles in Mumbai

During a recent event, Juhi Chawla spoke about a time when Shah Rukh Khan was just trying to find his feet in Mumbai. She painted a picture of a young actor who had come from Delhi with dreams but no solid footing in the city. "He would eat from the unit’s plate; he would drink tea with them and completely merge himself," Juhi reminisced.

Working In Three Shifts

Juhi then went on to explain how Shah Rukh juggled between different shifts, tirelessly working in films such as Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Dil Aashna Hai, and another Divya Bharti project. However, he faced financial problems despite his hard work. He had a black Gypsy that was precious to him; however, the time came when he couldn’t afford to pay the EMI and the car was taken away. She could recall very well the sadness on Shah Rukh’s face that day.

Words of Encouragement

Juhi tried her best to uplift his spirits through encouraging words. "Maybe I said something like ‘Arre koi baat nahi, you’ll have many more cars. They are going to come so fast; you just see for yourself.’ Don’t worry about it—it’s nothing." She said this because she still remembers it today. And then she added reflecting on his incredible journey since then “Look at him now. Look at where he has come from. Actually, it is that.”

A Friendship That Will Not Die

The Shah Rukh Khan saga also brings out not only his resilience and determination but also the strong bond of friendship with Juhi Chawla who has been his confidant for years. Their steadfastness to one another during their difficulties is a proof of their lasting companionship which has blossomed beyond acting roles into real life situations too.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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