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Prabhas' Adipurush release postponed

Deccan Chronicle.| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: October 31, 2022 | Updated on: October 31, 2022

The film's poor Vfx could be the main reason

Adipurush stars Prabhas as Lord Ram, Saif Ali Khan as Ravan and Kriti Sanon as Sita. (Photo: Twitter)

Adipurush stars Prabhas as Lord Ram, Saif Ali Khan as Ravan and Kriti Sanon as Sita. (Photo: Twitter)

It is being widely speculated that the makers of the Prabhas-starrer Adipurush have decided to back out from the 2023 Sankranti race. The makers reportedly want to do damage control, and improve the film’s VFX which came under severe criticism when the trailer was released.

Sources at the production house say the filmmakers are keen not to present a sub-standard product, and improving the VFX will take time. "Although the decision to postpone Adipurush has been taken internally, the team is still mulling a suitable alternative date. They want to come up with a solid product and make sure the mythological drama is free from all controversies and trolling," the sources say.

VFX is time-consuming work and needs to be done with utmost care. It is a niche area and the workforce is limited and very expensive too. For a film like Adipurush which is mounted on a huge scale, the makers cannot afford to take any chance given that the film offends religious belief. And given the severity of the trolling the film’s trailer got, the makers are keen to ensure that they bring a quality product.

"Prabhas wanted to make sure that the VFX quality is of international standards. A sub-standard product will only dent his and the film’s reputation. He has asked the makers to act wisely in the matter of VFX given that audiences are watching Hollywood films with top-rung production standards," add the sources.

The number of films that are in the Sankranti race could also be a factor in the postponement decision. Chiranjeevi-starrer Waltair Veerayya, Balakrishna’s Veera Simha Reddy and Vijay’s film Varasudu are all being released for the festival, and will occupy most of the theatres.

A solo release for Prabhas’ film will get it maximum traction and revenue. As such, the makers are pressing for a summer release.

Let’s wait and watch!

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