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Sonam Kapoor Ahuja trolled for wearing mangalsutra on wrist, what’s your take on it?

Published May 29, 2018, 3:55 pm IST
Updated May 29, 2018, 3:55 pm IST
Sonam Kapoor Ahuja while promoting 'Veere Di Wedding'. (Photo: Instagram/Twitter)
 Sonam Kapoor Ahuja while promoting 'Veere Di Wedding'. (Photo: Instagram/Twitter)

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja recently got married to her long-time boyfriend Anand Ahuja in a traditional Anand Karaj ceremony and since then, she has chosen the unconventional route – of picking the option whether to wear a mangalsutra and sindoor or not.

The actress has taken a path which very few dare to walk on as she went on to promote her film ‘Veere Di Wedding’ after wearing the mangalsutra on her wrist.

The troll engine then got to work and left various comments for Sonam, most believing it is disrespect to the Indian culture.

"Mangalsutra is not compulsion but it is love by wife for her husband. And it should always be nearby heart for which it is weared [sic] in neck. This bollywood is declining our culture day by day as they grow up in foreign. So they are mixture of indian+foreign," a Twitter user wrote.

"Do you really think a sane person will go to watch Veere Di Wedding. @sonamakapoor abused mangalsutra in movie and later being found designing the one for herself. As she rightly said in movie jb tk bc mangalsutra gale me nahi padta life incomplete rehte hai," another user tweeted.

One user mentioned, "So mangal sutra can be wore as bracelet. Wtf is you don't follow religion don't. Why all this drama?"

However, she received support too. Some called it a ‘brand new style development’ while the others questioned ‘what’s wrong in mixing cultures of two geographical areas?’

While that is what the trolls think, what is your take on Sonam Kapoor’s new fashion statement? Is it yay or nay?



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