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'Have to disclose this fact to her': Sunny Leone on adopting daughter Nisha

Deccan Chronicle| Lipika Varma

Published on: November 28, 2017 | Updated on: November 28, 2017

Narrating the stories of adoption and especially about her baby girl she gives away innumerable secrets.

Sunny Leone with her family..

Sunny Leone with her family..

Mumbai: Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are the happiest parents on the planet. Having adopted a baby girl Nisha from Maharashtra’s Latur a few months prior to this day, Sunny feels very content with her daughter. Sunny is very clear that Nisha will have to know she has been adopted. Nothing will remain a secret for Nisha.

Narrating the stories of adoption and especially about her baby girl she gives away innumerable secrets.

So why did Sunny and Daniel even think of adopting a baby girl? "Well, Daniel’s father is always heard complaining. Weber family never had a baby girl in the family! "Now we would mostly visit this orphanage situated in the suburbs of Mumbai often. We always noticed that this orphanage takes care about the children living here. They teach them how to exist, educate them, food, boarding and lodging and all is provided fairly well to each one of them.

"One day, while we visited this orphanage, I just told Daniel, let’s adopt a baby girl. Meine toh aise hi fenka tha (I just threw this thought to Daniel) and Daniel without an iota of thought immediately consented to my opinion. I was rather shocked but happy as well. Usually when a wife says something, the husband may contemplate on it and may or may not agree to it. However, this was a celestial calling for us and hereafter we decided to adopt a girl child," Sunny said.

Speaking on the adoption processes she had to undergo, Sunny said, "To tell you frankly, at the initial stage after we filled in the form for adoption, we were shown photographs of the entire girl child. No sooner did I see the picture of Nisha. I felt this is my baby. And there after all the processing began. However, it took us about 5 to 6 months to get her home. Until then, at one point in time, I felt we will not get her. This period was really very suffocating for me I would literally be in tears while Daniel sat beside me sadness personified.

How were the initial days for Nisha and the family at home? "Frankly speaking she had never faced a camera. So when she started her journey with us right from adoption formalities we started capturing her in a video. We have taken her photographs from the very first day. The place she lived in and her room etc. We have made a small book for her in which her each detailing is mentioned. The very first day as we set out for our home, she would be flabbergasted to notice the cameras around her. On a daily basis we do carry something or the other for her," Sunny exulted.

When the sensitive topic of breaking it to Nisha about her entry into the family, Sunny was quite forthcoming.

"Yes! Indeed we have to disclose this fact to her. Right fro the adoption papers and every minute things we have of her, will be shown to her. Nisha will have to know the fact that her mother did not abandon her. She bore her for nine months. I am not her real mom. But I am connected to her soul. I am her mom after adopting her.

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