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Sunny Kaushal’s take on being compared to brother Vicky is sure to win hearts!

Published Aug 28, 2018, 4:44 pm IST
Updated Aug 28, 2018, 4:44 pm IST
Vicky Kaushal with brother Sunny Kaushal.
 Vicky Kaushal with brother Sunny Kaushal.

Three years back, a boy named Vicky Kaushal made his bold debut with an art film ‘Masaan’. That boy today is proud to have a brother in Sunny Kaushal who is garnering many praises for his debut movie ‘Gold’. Sunny too, is proud of his brother and has the response of gold when Deccan Chronicle asked him about comparison with Vicky.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

When you entered the industry, were you scared about comparisons with Vicky and did it even happen?

Honestly I did not even give the comparison a thought till after the shoot was over, film was releasing and somebody asked me how will I feel on being compared to Vicky and my reaction was, ‘Oh am I being compared to Vicky?’ My answer would be that when you grow up with a sibling, comparisons are bound to happen. It’s just that now we’ve come on a larger platform where the world is comparing us but otherwise society, at home, teachers, they always compare, especially since we just have age difference of around a year. I in fact feel comparisons are necessary to grow since we both learn something. There’s nothing to feel bad or pressurized about in that.

But didn’t you fear that if you’re a little lesser then you won’t be accepted?

But that’s my mistake, right? Vicky has proven himself and his acting skills and I will then learn from him and know that I need to buckle up and grow as an actor. That way you will always compare one actor to another.

Vicky made his debut with an unconventional role but you went for a full-fledged commercial kind of film. Is it that you wanted to do such a role?

I didn’t think like that yaar. For me, it came, I liked it, things worked out and I did it. Even Vicky didn’t think like that when he was approached for Masaan. When he auditioned, within 3-4 days, he bagged the film. For us it was just about working.



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