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I don't put barriers of language on cinema: Anjana Sukhani

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Published on: May 28, 2016 | Updated on: May 28, 2016

The actress talks about getting a call from SLB productions, co-star and struggle with Marathi among other things.

Anjana Sukhani

Anjana Sukhani

After making a mark in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Punjabi film industry, Anjana Sukhani is entering the world of Marathi cinema with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Laal Ishq. Better known for her roles in Salaam-e-Ishq and Golmaal Returns, the actress will be seen romancing Marathi superstar Swwapnil Joshi in director Swapna Waghmare’s romantic thriller drama, which has already garnered a lot of attention.

In a tête-à-tête with Anjana, the actress talks about getting a call from SLB productions, co-star and struggle with Marathi among many other things.

What was your reaction when you were offered Laal Ishq?
I got a call from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s office. They told me that they are doing a Marathi film and would like to meet me. I was surprised! I asked myself, ‘Bhansali sir’s office is calling me?’ Later, it proved to be a cakewalk. I met them and I liked the script and the character. Everything just fell in place. I was probably meant to do this film.

You haven’t done a full fledged Marathi mulgi role before. Was it tough to get the language right?

I have always been a Bombay girl. I studied here and I had Marathi language in our school, though I used to fail in that subject. (Giggles) But the similarity was always there. Since it’s not my spoken language, nor did I have friends who fluently spoke Marathi, so prepping for the film was a challenge. I had to work on my pronunciation, dialect, diction and dialogue delivery. But my team, especially my co-actor Swwapnil and director Swapna were very helping. We did a lot of workshop. So everything helped a lot in terms of putting it together.

SLB is known for portraying his heroines in a sensual, mystic way. Did you find any similarities between your character and the characters from his past films?

Since it’s an intense love, murder mystery, there had to be a certain mystery and edginess to the character I play in the film. Bhansali portraying women beautifully is a given and they have shot me beautifully as well. Every genre demands something different. Here, we have only done as much as the script demanded.

Was it tough playing a mysterious character?

Yes, I had to prep a lot for the character. I have not played such an intense and mysterious character before. Her intensity to be in love and be with the person she loves, I think is a very beautiful trait but can also be dangerous as it can border on obsession. The character I play has perfectly found her balance between sanity and insanity.

Are you game for more Marathi films?

Yes, absolutely! I am open to every kind of cinema. I don’t like to put barriers of languages, religions or countries to cinema. I think cinema, as a whole, is one language. As a matter of fact, I have been approached for another Marathi film. We are currently in the process of putting things together.

Has ace director SLB offered you any of his Bollywood sagas?

I only wish! (Giggles) But yes, working with SLB is on my wishlist. I am hoping that shall happen soon too.

How was your experience of working with Swwapnil Joshi, a star in Marathi cinema?

I always feel that people who are bigger in terms of their stature and position are always very humble, nice and sensitive. Swwapnil is exactly that way. Despite being a superstar, he is a very simple guy. He was extremely humble to me from day one. I think a lot of the credit goes to him for breaking the ice on the first day itself. As a non-Marathi speaking outsider, everyone accepted me with open arms.

You can watch the film's trailer below:

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