From being a disgrace to his family to idolizing Christian Bale, Varun's on a roll!

Published Jul 27, 2017, 6:52 pm IST
Updated Jul 27, 2017, 6:54 pm IST
The actor was shamelessly digging up secrets from his past life and confessed to have found the right one.
Varun Dhawan will soon be seen in his father David Dhawan's action comedy 'Judwaa 2', which also stars Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu.
 Varun Dhawan will soon be seen in his father David Dhawan's action comedy 'Judwaa 2', which also stars Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu.

Mumbai: Of all the heroes from this current generation, Varun Dhawan is unarguably the coolest. In a tell-all chat show with sexy siren Neha Dhupia, the ‘Main Tera Hero’ actor was not in his usual defensive mode and revealed everything that’s there to know about his life.

These 8 anecdotes/ confessions prove that Varun, despite being a rising star in Bollywood, likes to keep it ‘real’.


1. Varun confesses he loves this one thing more than his parents!

When Neha asks him about his confession about loving this one thing more than his parents

VD: That thing is chicken! And I know Arjun Kapoor must’ve told you this because I don’t know if people know this but Arjun and I went to the same acting classes before we were launched. That’s where Arjun and I actually became friends and Arjun discovered these weird things about me, the weird things I would do while acting, the weird things I would say to people.

2.     When he says he doesn’t know how to flirt…!!??!!

VD: I actually don’t know how to flirt. I mean in the sense, like the terminology of just normal flirting is really cheesy, I feel. I mean, just those normal lines, I don’t think they work on any girl.

ND: You know there are people who use flowers and chocolates, but you… you’re the kind of guy who’ll be like ladkiyon ko zyada bhao mat do, jitna bhao doge utna who durr bhagegi, jitna kam bhao doge utna who paas aayegi. That’s been your theory.

VD: Yeah, that is my theory. Because I’ve had experiences jahan maine bohot bhao diya hai.

ND: Jaise ki?

VD: Jaise ki school mein girlfriend hoti thi, main bhagta tha uss waqt peeche ladkiyon ke. I feel reverse psychology works better. Also, I think if someone really wants to be with you then you don’t need to try so hard for that.

3. When he admits he’s found someone special

VD: Ya, I have, I think so. I think so, no, I know so. I mean, I’ve never hidden it, for that matter, from anyone that I’ve been in a relationship, I’ve been spotted at places. I’ve just never spoken about it openly for that matter and that’s because the media just takes it and does different stuff with it, make different versions of it. They make you fight, they make you break up, they make you patch up, and they make you do this and that. She is not from the film line, so as much as I can protect her from the crazy blogging and vlogging and everything. I’m just protecting my personal life. For me, that’s my sanctity, you know. When I’m done with shooting and I’m home, that’s my reality, that’s my reality check.

4. Did you know Varun is dying to be a mix between Govinda and Christian Bale?

VD: See, Christian Bale is just, I think, a great artiste. I don’t know anything about him personally, but he’ll just become the role. Whether it’s The Machinist, or he did Batman, whether he did American Psycho. He just becomes the character and that’s just his passion for cinema, how much he worships cinema

“Where Govinda is concerned, he’s just a rare talent that comes around very rarely in any part of the world, let me just say that he’s a very rare talent”

5. Not posh cars, Varun Dhawan loves autos!

VD: “I love autos, by the way. I don’t know if people know this but I would’ve bought an auto to roam around in. I just love autos, I like the whole vibe. You just go in, you chat with that auto wala – bhaiya, haan boss kidhar jaana hai…”

6. Varun hasn’t paid for anything in a year!

VD: I just get a lot of free things, you have no idea. I’ve not been out in a while, around 3 months back I had gone out to this bar Daily in Bandra and as I entered, people just started giving me drinks. Like hey man, hey, you wanna have a drink…I didn’t even reach the bar!

7. When his parents thought he was a disgrace to the family

VD: This was way back in the day, I was like 16 or something. This was when I just started going out at night. And my friend dropped me home at like 1 o’clock or something. So, I came home at 1pm at night and there was this group of girls, they were staying on the first floor, I had never met them before. They were almost 10 years older than me and they were having a party up there and they saw me and were like you want to come, we’re having a party.

So they said come up and all that so I went up to this party, it was a pretty decent party. In the end there was only one guy left. There were these two girls and me. It had become 2:30, my phone had gone off and I hadn’t informed anyone that I’m home also as yet and then after one hour my brother came knocking on the door because the watchman had told my brother I had gone up over there and he was like Varun there. And then he saw me coming out of the room, I had just come out of the room man because all of us were sitting in that room. And at that age, I definitely wasn’t going to get lucky with someone 10 years older than me. I didn’t have that game.

So I came out, and my brother shut the door and he slapped me like super hard! He’s like what the hell are you doing? Why didn’t you tell us where you were? At least call or send a message

So I was like bhaiya bhaiya please sorry. I thought he slapped me now, so don’t tell mom and dad you know, it’s done. You slapped me, I understood, I messed up, done. He started running up the stairs. Now I’ve run behind him, screaming bhaiya stop stop.

He’s run up, rang the bell, my parents are awake! Dude, my parents are awake, my mom is awake, and my dad is pissed! Standing like I don’t know what I’ve done. Like I was at someone’s house, I was even under the consumption of any alcohol, nothing. I was just sober like you know. What’s my fault? My mother was like, you’re a disgrace to this family, my dad was like you’re this, you’re that and we’re ashamed of you, you’re grounded for three months. And I’m like what have I done, how is it my fault that girls who are ten years older than me, call me to come to a party, which guy wouldn’t go?! Which guy? I said if I didn’t go also you would have another problem but THIS!

8. Varun’s piece of advice for Arjun Kapoor

VD: Stop behaving like you’ve been in this industry for 100 years! haan kaise ho, haan Neha, aao aao…he talks like Lala from that scene of Mother India na, Aao Birju aao