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There's a lot of responsibility riding on me'

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Published on: April 26, 2022 | Updated on: April 26, 2022

Tiger Shroff talks about Heropanti 2, facing cameras after a long time, working with Nawaz and more

Tiger Shroff. (By Arrangement)

Tiger Shroff. (By Arrangement)

After being seen as a high-spirited action and dance talent from his first film, Heropanti, Tiger Shroff is happy that he has tried something different in Heropanti 2. "I’m emotionally attached to this title because it was my first film. It has been a challenging and emotional journey. This title holds significance for  dad (Jacky Shroff) too. It was his first big hit film. Thus, there is a huge responsibility on me. I have to take tradition forward. Hope it is successful. At the moment, I’m very nervous — we are coming to the big screen after two years," says Tiger.

A tete-e-tete

Did the long hiatus in facing the cameras make a difference?

"Yes, it made a huge difference. Like everything, acting requires practice. If you want to improve, the more you experience, the more you go through, the easier it becomes.

What is your role in Heropanti 2? Are you only doing action?

Combining action and mind, it’s a hacker’s role. Basically, he is very good with technology and computers. Mostly he lives in the world of his gadgets. He is both fast in action and intelligent.

Are you tech-savvy in real life?

Not at all! I depended a lot on Ahmed Sir. I just followed him as he had researched enough on this character

How was it working with Nawaz? What did you learn from him?

I get nervous sharing screen space with Nawaz because he is a wonderful actor. He is very intimidating as he has a huge aura around him. With every take he brings freshness and newness. As a co-actor, I have to be on my toes. I need to be careful about dialogues. He changes his voice modulations. It’s good for the co-actors, as we come out with different reactions which we may not have thought possible.  

Also, Nawaz Sir is always serious, but as you may have gathered from the trailer, this role is different. He was totally into the character and it seemed difficult for him to get out of it even during breaks. It was quite interesting to watch him.

How has Tiger changed as an actor?

There is more understanding, more confidence in me. Physically also, I look different. This story is different as well. There are no similarities between part 1 and 2.

And how have you changed as a human being?

I am the same. Along with stardom you get a certain sense of responsibility. Understanding also. We don’t come across only positive things, we have to deal with negativity too in life. We as stars or people in the limelight are in the public eye. Anyone can thoughtlessly write good or bad about you on social media. I would have gotten affected earlier, but now I’m used to all those comments.

Heropanti 2 and Ajay Devgn’s Runway 34 are set to clash at the Box Office. Any pressure?

Runway 34 has superstars. I am sure audiences will get to watch two films and enjoy both. The more the merrier!

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