Sandeep Reddy Vanga reveals why he couldn't see Geetanjali in Parineeti Chopra

Sandeep Reddy Vanga's latest cinematic offering, 'Animal,' starring Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna, has been making waves at the box office. However, in a recent interview with trade analyst Komal Nahta, Sandeep disclosed that Parineeti Chopra was initially the first choice for not only 'Animal' but also for his previous blockbuster 'Kabir Singh.' The director candidly shared his perspective on why Parineeti didn't make the final cut for 'Animal.'

According to Sandeep, he had signed Parineeti Chopra a year and a half before the shoot commenced. However, during the look test for the role of Geetanjali (portrayed by Rashmika Mandanna in 'Animal'), Sandeep felt that Parineeti didn't quite fit the character. He admitted, "Actually, galti mera hi hai. I said, ‘Ho sake toh maaf karo mujhe (It's my fault. I told her to forgive me).’ Kuch kuch characters kuch kuch logo ko set nahi hota hai (Some things are not meant to be)."

Elaborating on his decision-making process, Sandeep emphasized that he doesn't believe in auditions and relies on his instinct. Despite being a fan of Parineeti's acting and having wanted to cast her as Preeti in 'Kabir Singh,' the collaboration didn't materialize at that time.

Sandeep expressed his regret over the missed opportunity with Parineeti, stating, "That’s long due. I always wanted to work with her. I told her, ‘Sorry, nothing is bigger than the film. So I’m taking this decision and going ahead with another artist.’ She felt bad, but she understood why I was saying that."

This revelation provides insight into the dynamic decisions and considerations that shape the casting process in the film industry. While 'Animal' has garnered success with Rashmika Mandanna in the role of Geetanjali, Sandeep's openness about the casting choices sheds light on the complexities and challenges of filmmaking.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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