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Everyone at home is a film buff: Karan Deol

Published Nov 26, 2021, 6:05 pm IST
Updated Nov 28, 2021, 3:42 pm IST
Ahead of the release of 'Vella', the actor interacts exclusively with DC on the telephone
Karan Deol
 Karan Deol

Karan Deol made his acting debut with his dad Sunny Deol’s directorial debut, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas in 2019. Though that film received a lukewarm response, the actor who studied abroad to learn how to face a camera and other nuances of filmmaking is ready with his second film Velle, an adaptation of the 2019-Telugu film Brochevarevarura.

Directed by Deven Munjal,Velle seems to be an intriguing tale of three criminals and a runaway girl. We got on a telephonic interaction with Karan who began by indulging our queries on the kind of vellagiri he was a part of in his younger days. “For a long time we have not done any Vellagiri, but yes, in school days we would really get together doing hell of a lot of it,” says Karan with a chuckle.


Q The trailer suggests kidnapping in the film.

There are a lot of twists and turns in the film. You’ll know about the kidnapping too once you watch the film. We’re naïve school kids in the film, who don’t think three steps ahead — just the next step — and are not aware of the consequences or repercussions of our actions.

Q You think the youth today seeks to make easy and quick money?

I’d just say that short cuts could get you on top quickly but bring you down just as fast too. Hard work, on the other hand, will always get you to the right place.


Q Have your parents ever stopped you for any kind of vellagiri at home?

Parents will keep correcting children, regardless of whether they study well. But I think that’s because parents have seen the world out there and want the best for you even as they prepare you for it. I too have loads of experience though I never understood anything at that age or even the repercussions of our actions as you’ve set yourself to find those things. That being said, no one at home ever stopped me from watching films. Mom, Dad and I would sit down together to watch films, sometimes watching three films at a stretch. We are film buffs, yes.


Q How much did your director help you in looking exuberant with great expressions on camera?

It was his support and drive along with me that enabled me to bring the best out of me. We shared a great rapport, and he’d drive me, doing lines with me, and we even did many workshops together. The pre-work before going on the sets helped me give my best.

Q The Deols’, usually men of few words, now seem to believe in promotions

I believe times are changing and that promotions are as important as one of the filmmaking processes. You need to be out there and promote your work as creating awareness is essential today.


Q What did you learn working with your paternal uncle, Abay Deol

I can’t give away any spoilers. But I’d admit that it was fun working with him, who’s like a friend to me, and learning from him has been helpful throughout the film. He’s open to discussing everything as a friend and an actor with me. And I’ve learned much during the process.

Q How was it working with the director?

The director was good, even allowing us to make changes if he thought it suited the story and the character. In fact, we boys became like vellas ourselves, chilling out always. All four of us in the cast would sit around and enjoy in one van. And he’d walk into the van and say, ‘Kitna chill karoge…you vellas; kitna chill [How much will you chill, you vellas, how much]?” [Laughs] And as we were all very supportive to each other.


Q Reactions from your grandfather, the veteran actor Dharmendra?

Grandpa has not seen the film. But he was very happy after watching the trailer and advised me to keep working and not give up: “This industry stops you from working, but hard work speaks and one day success shall be bestowed upon you. In this profession, you never know what will come, but don’t lose hope and keep going on with work. Keep pushing yourself on at work, exercising your creative talent to the best of your abilities hoping for the best. Don’t lose hope at any time.” Dad also saw the trailer but did not say much though we sensed he was happy after watching it.