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Hrithik's Super 30: Anand faces heat for fake' students, scam', 2K sign petition

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Published on: July 26, 2018 | Updated on: July 26, 2018

The founder of the successful education programme has been accused of deceit by students and their parents.

Vikas Bahl, Anand Kumar and Hrithik Roshan during discussions for 'Super 30.'

Vikas Bahl, Anand Kumar and Hrithik Roshan during discussions for 'Super 30.'

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan won’t feature in a film for two years after ‘Kaabil’, and the actor would hope that the controversy with the one he is returning with, ‘Super 30’, won’t extend his absence further.

Hrithik is playing Anand Kumar, founder of the famous and successful ‘Super 30’ programme to train underprivileged kids for entrance examinations to enter the prestigious IITs (Indian Institute of Technology.)

But the latter is facing the heat in Bihar where his students and their parents are expressing opposition against him and accusing him of deceit, with some even terming it a scam, DNA reported.

IPS officer Abhayanand, who founded 'Super 30' along with Anand, told the daily, "From what I have read and heard, there are children who are distraught and concerned. Students, who were part of the Super 30 programme, are coming out and talking. The media has opened a channel of communication now and they are sending out their messages and opinions."

The Hrithik starrer, being directed by ‘Queen’ fame Vikas Bahl, is reportedly based on Kumar’s biography, ‘Super 30: Changing The World 30 Students at a Time.’ And if that’s the case, Abhayanand’s contribution to the success of the initiative will be completely ignored in the film.

"I don’t know what’s there in the film. Even if it is based on the biography written by Anand, it can’t be a biopic. I’m aware of the window between 1992-2008 in his life. I have read the book partly, but in my opinion, a lot of it is just fiction. He cannot deny my presence and contribution to Super 30. If he can claim it was solely his thought, I can also say it was my brainchild. It makes little difference to anyone as long as it’s a thought to help the society. But that hasn’t happened," he said.

The report claimed that Anand allegedly falsely claimed 26 out of 30 cleared the examination this year, when actually only three of them cracked it. Not only the fact that he couldn’t prove the credentials of his other students, he has also been accused of introducing 10-12 students from Kota to the media and falsely claiming them to be those who succeeded under his guidance. Moreover, the social cause has gone completely out of the picture as monetary exchange also plays a part.

"Now, his claims are turning out to be highly suspicious. He’s not adhering to transparency. He can call it a ‘coaching institute’ and nobody will say anything. But don’t claim to be a champion of social causes when you are just taking money from people. It has suddenly become a controversy because the truth’s coming out now. If the producers had done their homework, they would have known it all along," Abhayanand added.

A social media petition calling the biopic based on wrong facts and asking for making of the film be stopped, has already received 2117 signatures.

Did Abhayanand at any point feel like informing Hrithik and the makers about the ‘truth’?

"It’s not my job to show Hrithik Roshan the truth. Why should I reach out to him or the makers of the film? Mujhe kisi ko gyaan nahi dena hai, I’m not their teacher," he replied.

The IPS officer chides the makers for lack of research, "Whatever basic knowledge we have about biopics, it teaches us that when you make a film on someone’s life, you need to find out a lot more about that person from others around him. Look at Hollywood — they do such detailed research on someone’s life before making a movie on the person. For a film like Super 30, at least six-seven years of research needed to be done." 

He continued, "How many times have they come to Patna and how many people have they spoken to before announcing the film? People take biopics seriously. The internet can be a place where you begin your research, but it can’t be the end of it. This is not ancient Indian history where there can be lack of clarity."

Hrithik’s pictures as a commoner selling 'papads' had gone viral, but Abhayanand says that’s anything but the truth about Anand's life.

"I heard they are showing that Anand Kumar had a poor background and used to sell papads! His neighbour, who also happens to be his first cousin and worked with him, has gone ahead and told everyone how these reports are false. They have told news channels that Anand’s father had 20 bighas (acres) of land and they all used to stay together. Patna mein makaan garib aadmi ka nahin hota hai. His father was doing government service. Yes, his mother would make papads but they were for the family. Woh bikta nahin tha! So how can they show a different story altogether?"

However, Abhayanand still keeps the suspense on over plans to sue Anand over the row, "I can’t tell you this right now. I don’t know because I haven’t watched the film yet. It will depend on what they show in the movie. If they omit me or show me in a bad light, it’s their prerogative. Until it comes out, I can’t do anything because the court will question me."

Both Anand and his brother Pranav remained unavailable for comment.

With 80 per cent of filming complete and the money being invested, makers are unlikely to stop filming, and might worry only if the matter takes a legal turn.

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