'Pathaan' movie posters torn by Bajrang Dal activists in Hyderabad

26 January 2023

Hyderabad: A group of Bajrang Dal activists protested at the Asian Tarakarama theatre in Kacheguda in Hyderabad screening Pathaan movie and tore down the flexis erected in the theatre premises. Donning saffron flags, the group led by Deepak Yadav, Shankarpalli Bajrang Dal leader, also raised Jai Sriram Slogans during the protest.

Alerted by the theatre staff, police rushed to the spot and detained the protestors. Sultan Bazar Inspector A. Bala Gangi Reddy said around 25 protestors including Deepak Yadav have been taken into custody and shifted to police station, for further action. The situation is under control now, he added.

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