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Satyajit Majumder, the youngest influencer, actor who has taken social media by storm

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Published on: July 25, 2019 | Updated on: July 25, 2019

Satyajit, is an Indian multi-talented internet personality, popular as a blogger, actor and digital marketing specialist.

Satyajit Majumder.

Satyajit Majumder.

Mumbai: Satyajit, is an Indian multi-talented internet personality, popular as a blogger, actor and digital marketing specialist. His origin is from Kolkata, India and he first stepped into the fashion world through blogging. He transformed himself from 105 kgs to 75 kgs, he turned stones into milestones and right after that he thought of motivating his followers through his social media channels named "thetwoinoneguy". He debunked body shaming & started giving fitness and fashion hacks. He is an inspiration to all his followers. He became prominent in the fashion & film industry after he participated in various fashion shows, won an award from IDFC mutual fund for his short film on "Social Welfare."

Satyajit has worked for more than 100 brands so far, appeared in the newspaper, international websites and magazines. He has also done his Btech in computer science & after that, he is now pursuing an MBA in marketing. From an Engineer to now a famous blogger who took social media to a different level. Satyajit has been collaborating with many fashion & lifestyle brands, hotels, restaurants, and so on. He has been invited to South Africa by the fashion hero to represent India.  That's not all he is in the top 100 influencers of the country. He has been offered to work in Himesh Reshammiya's new music video & will be soon starred in Bollywood.

They say, 'Determination is solely your responsibility.' And this 23year old versatile and hardworking Man proved it right. His ethereal transformation is now the talk of the town. This dashing yet humble Social Media Influencer will now be seen on the Big screen.

So draw the curtains, its time for the storm to rage in. Satyajit, the Youngest Influencer and the Leading Blogger, is heading towards the terrific world of Bollywood. The ugly humoured mockery and body shaming had trapped him in its tentacles at a very tender age.

Despite all the fetters, he kept striving harder. Nothing could clip his wings. The Unstoppable Tycoon aced the ramps, collaborated with some major brands, and worked with some of the renowned Tollywood actors in the past one year.

He credits his mother for his jaw-dropping transformation as he adds- "I wasn't strong-willed initially, but I've forever been my Mom's favourite Hero, so that's where I draw my confidence from."

The one who was laughed at is now jammed with tonnes of glamorous Brand proposals and offers. He inspires thousands of people with his extraordinary style and humility. His sense in Ethnic and Formalwear is super affordable, effortless and drool-worthy. This young man has not only done wonders in the domain of Fashion but also moved people by his social messages. A Motivator in its truest sense. "Look into the mirror, that's your competition." He concludes. We hope he attains the greatest of heights in the days to come.

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