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Salman Khan being paid Rs 1,000 crore for ten movies?

Published Jul 24, 2016, 12:33 am IST
Updated Jul 24, 2016, 10:54 am IST
Salman Khan
 Salman Khan

News of superstars being paid big bucks in advance for satellite rights of their upcoming movies is nothing new, but these rumours take the cake. While Hrithik Roshan is supposedly being paid Rs 550 crore for a five-film deal, Salman Khan has reportedly snagged a whopping Rs 1,000 crore deal for ten movies.

Both these incredible deals are supposed to have been made with a leading television network, but sources close to the development are dismissing the stories saying these claims are “widely exaggerated”.

A well-informed source at the concerned TV channel, says, “We don’t know who is leaking out these false numbers. They are unrealistic to the point of being preposterous. The stars themselves are certainly not responsible for spreading these unbelievable numbers, because such inflated figures will make them look delusional. These figures are being sneaked in by people who are certain they can get away with it. But anyone with even a basic knowledge of the financial reality of the entertainment world would know how outrageous it is to suggest Rs 550 and Rs 1,000 crore as fees for satellite rights.”



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