My father died of cancer so I know the consequences of puffing tobacco: Sunny

The actress said that people think that holding a cigarette is so cool but the addiction is worse.

Mumbai: Bollywood bombshell Sunny Leone, who is seen in an anti smoking campaign with Alok Nath and Deepak Dobrial, claims that she has never face any trouble on the sets due to smoking. At the launch of this anti smoking campaign, when asked Sunny about this, she said, "I have never faced any such trouble on the sets. In fact, my co-stars are very respectful. They move little away from me and then smoke."

Deepak Dobrial, who was last seen in comic caper 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns', admits that he was a chain smoker. Even while shooting this movie, he was puffing cigarette's but at the launch, Deepak confirmed that he has quit smoking. "I am taking an oath that I will not smoke from now onwards," he said. "I feel people get influenced by their social circle. They think it looks cool to hold a cigarette but it is actually very unhealthy for us," he added.

Deepak, who claims himself to be a smoke addict, when asked the solution for alternative smoking, he laughed and said, "If ever I will be tensed now I won't pick up a cigarette rather I will call you people for a conversation."

He also told Deccan Chronicle that he has quit drinking since last week.

When asked Sunny, has she ever tried smoking, she said, "Yes, I had tried it once but it was so disgusting. People think that holding a cigarette is so cool but the addiction is worse. My father died of cancer so I have seen the consequences of puffing tobacco. I beg to the smokers that they should stop smoking and the youngsters who want to try or have not started yet, please don't smoke ever."

Alok Nath plays the role of Deepak's father who fulfills his son's last wish to meet Sunny Leone. He was missing from the launch event. 'Hawaaizaada' director Vibhu Puri has directed this anti smoking movie.

Watch their 'No Smoking' campaign video here.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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