CBFC gives partial judgement: Favours Akshay Kumar's Pad Man over Phullu

Phullu director Abhishek Saxena put out some strong allegations on Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar.

Mumbai: Abhishek Saxena director of 'Phullu' has put some strong and shocking allegations on Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar.

Everywhere, after 'Padmaavat' it's the 'PadMan' fever that's going on. Be it the unique promotional strategies or one of it's kind, Innovation Conclave, the team of Akshay Kumar starrer is going all out to promote the film and break the stereotype revolving around "periods".

'PadMan' is produced by Twinkle Khanna, and being the producer of the film, she has been giving some very powerful speeches about "mensuration" and why we should treat the menstruating women with love and care.

The team also claims that 'PadMan' is the "first" film based on periods and mensuration hygiene.

But, director Abhishek Saxena has scrapped it all and put out some strong allegations on Twinkle and Akshay.

During our exclusive interview with Abhishek, he revealed, "The first film on periods and mensuration hygiene was 'Phullu'. Even before the announcement of 'PadMan' my film was already ready I had the Censor Certificate as well, it was registered in 2015 itself."

He further revealed that the CBFC has also been very partial towards him and is now supporting Akshay's film blindly.

Abhishek added, "I would also like to share that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has given 'PadMan' a U/A Certificate whereas to my film there wasn't a single portion that was adult but the CBFC told me that this "Menstruation" subject in itself is an "Adult" subject and they gave us an "A" certificate. They are being partial, because of the "A" certificate we faced so many losses."

"My question is 'Why so much of partiality with us?' Even we wanted to educate the masses, show to the film to school children but then we couldn't because everyone told us that your film has an "A" certificate so you can't show it."

But, today Akshay Kumar is going everywhere with the film, he is going in the villages and talking openly about his film, no one said anything to him."

When contacted the producer of 'Phullu', Dr. Anmol Kapoor, he said: "I would like to bring your attention to the false claims made by producers of Padman movie. On various news sites, including BBC news, they are claiming that the Padman movie is the world's first movie on menstrual hygiene. This is wrong and false information that is getting shared worldwide as our movie Phullu was the first movie ever made on this topic and was released in June 2017.

I can understand that our movie was a small budget and Padman is a bigger budget movie, but it should not given right of making false claims at the expense of various artists who worked in the movie 'Phullu'. We support Padman as it also tackles issue of menstrual hygiene and we hope that they can educate masses and help save lives.

But, they shouldn't be allowed to make false claims for cheap publicity and discredit years of hard work done by makers of Hindi movie 'Phullu'. I would really appreciate if media could make their followers aware of false claims made by the producers of Padman movie and help us fight rights of independent producers. We should be treating everyone equally.

We are also disheartened by Indian Film Certification Board actions. They seems to have two different sets of rules, one for rich and powerful people and one for ordinary filmmakers like us. Our movie was given "A" adult only certification vs U/A for movie Padman. I would really appreciate if CBFC could explain why they have two different set of rules for both movies?

Both movies tackle same topic and have similar story line. Is it because someone had put [ressure on CBFC to halt releasing of our movie Phullu in 2017? I do believe that Indians and Bollywood movie fans all over the world deserve an official statement from CBFC and officials should clarify why double standards for Padman vs Phullu movie?"

Phullu is all set for it's first World television premiere on 24th January, 2018 at 7pm On DD National.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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