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Ananya Panday in cutouts back by Nikhil Thampi

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Published on: February 22, 2019 | Updated on: February 22, 2019

Celebrities are raising the hotness quotient with the 70's cutout dresses.

Ananya Panday in Nikhil Thampi

Ananya Panday in Nikhil Thampi

The best way to flaunt those washboard abs and sexy back is with a sleek cutout dress. Right from SOTY 2 actor Ananya Panday’s Nikhil Thampi outfit to seasoned Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian’s vintage Thierry Mugler cutout gown — stepping out in a daring cutout dress for a night out gets you instant attention.

While some might consider this as too revealing, it is perfect for someone who dares to bare. Designer Vidhi Singhania feels the popularity of the cut-out trend has increased in the last few years. She says, "Whether it’s a flash of a waist or a hint of the shoulder, an elegant peek-a-boo detail can really enhance your overall look. This style is feminine and flirty, yet with a sensual appeal. The easiest and safest is to go for cold-shoulder knee-length dress or jumpsuit.  Not just in Western silhouettes, we also see cut-out trend catching up in blouses and suits."

However, cutouts happen to be an old trend and was big in the 70s, informs designer Hema Kaul, as she adds, " If accentuated right, cutout dresses can suit any body type. The waist cuts on either side look great and also compliment curves. One can also get a cut around the neck, diamond cuts and semicircle cuts look the best. Stay away from a lot of cuts, try to keep the cuts less revealing so as to maintain the classiness of the look. Try seamless, strapless and transparent innerwear. Try keeping everything else very minimal."

 According to designer Shazia Naik from Shazzle, a person with a narrow waist would look best in a cutout dress. She says, "Even slits look great and subtly highlight the legs. Dark colours like navy oxblood and warm hues of dusty rose and nudes look great. Statement earrings would be a game changer and maybe a tiny clutch bag to go along with it. Innerwear should be appropriately worn according to the cutout."

Designer Sweta Tantia of  Tahweave, points out, "I think an hourglass figure or an athletic type of body works best for cut-out dresses. One should ideally, keep the cuts minimal, avoid going OTT and play safe."

While most people would like to experiment with safe colours like black and white if you want

to get more adventurous, try out the offbeat shades in neon and dark shades that look amazing with cuts. Celebrity stylist Karan Sethi recommends, "With summer on the way, one can try out neon and other solid colours to stand out in a cutout dress. Minimal accessories like hoops are a must-have. Make placement of the cuts suit your body type. If you are a beginner you can start with cuts on the back and experiment more."

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