After kicking the butt for years, Salman Khan starts smoking again

After kicking the butt for a while, the actor has returned back to his old habits.

To have a physique like Salman even at 50, one needs a lot of discipline. But when it is Salman Khan even bad habits can’t come in the way of looking still desirable. A couple of years back Salman Khan’s nerve disorder forced him to kick the butt. The actor was advised by the doctors to quit smoking.

While Hrithik Roshan had to read Alan Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking to get rid of the bad habit, Salman Khan had his own style. When Hrithik suggested this book to Salman, Bhai told him that it’s all in the head.

Quite true. So to quit smoking, Salman used to hold an unlit cigarette in his hand. It would be in his hand for a long time but he would resist the temptation to burn it. That’s how he got rid of his smoking habit.

However, all that seems to be a history now. It is said that the actor is back to smoking. The actor doesn’t do it out in the open but he has started smoking again. Its been more than a couple of months now. At events, Salman prefers to light a cigarette or two backstage when no ones around. Currently while shooting for Sultan, he asks his A.Ds for a lighter on days when he doesn’t have one.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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