Iceland diaries!

Filmmaker Vi Anand describes the surreal experience of shooting for his forthcoming film Disco Raja in Iceland.

The unit of Ravi Teja-starrer Disco Raja recently wrapped up the shooting of their Iceland schedule where the makers shot key action sequences. Recalling the experience of shooting in sub-freezing temperatures, the film’s director Vi Anand describes it as ‘challenging’.

“Shooting action episodes at the glacier Langjökull, the second largest ice cap in Iceland, was incredibly challenging and difficult. The temperature was around minus eight and we were almost frozen,” he reveals.

Apparently, the unit had to travel for four hours from their hotel to reach the glacier each day.

“Although it is winter time, the weather is very unpredictable — suddenly it rains then suddenly there’s a mist and complete snow,” he shares, adding, “There was snowfall on the first day of the shoot, while it rained the next day. But we somehow managed to get used to the chilly temperatures and completed our shoot.”

Anand explains that these glaciers hardly melt, and that the compacted snow helps the car tyres to get a grip. “But unfortunately, one day, the ice started melting. And although we travelled in a special vehicle fitted with modified tyres, we skidded off and were stuck in the snow. It was with great difficulty that we managed to pull the car back on track,” he recounts. The director admits that shooting on the glacier is a risky proposition. “But our story needed such a landscape and we wanted to provide a thrilling visual experience to the audience, thanks to producer Ram Talluri for his support,” he shares, adding, “We are extremely happy with the kind of stunning visuals we got in Iceland. It was worth our time and effort.” As for the food, the director smiles as he reveals, “We asked the chef to prepare butter chicken and rice for us during our short stay.”

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