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#MeToo is sweetu for Preity Zinta

Published Nov 21, 2018, 12:00 am IST
Updated Nov 21, 2018, 12:26 am IST
Now, she’s being slammed on social media for her flippant comments on the #MeToo movement.
Preity Zinta
 Preity Zinta

This is typical of Preity Zinta. She shoots her mouth off, sounds obnoxious and when criticised for being inappropriate, she turns around and blames everyone else but herself.

Now, she’s being slammed on social media for her flippant comments on the #MeToo movement. In a video interview on the entertainment portal Bollywood Hungama to promote her new starrer Bhaiaji Superhit, Preity was asked about her opinion on the movement and she replies, “I do feel bad when women use it when it’s not that serious or for personal vendetta or publicity.”


And when asked if she faced any such incident in her career, “I wish I too had (a #MeToo experience) so I’d have an answer to tell you… Aaj ki sweetu, kal ki MeToo ho sakti hai!” and she laughs!

When social media didn’t find her comments funny, Preity tweeted blaming the interviewer for twisting her words! “Really sad 2see how the interview Is edited to trivialis& be insensitive. Not everything is traction & as someone being interviewed I expected decency & maturity froma journalist @iFaridoon. I did 25 interviews that day & only yours turned out edited like this #dissappointed,” Preity tweeted.


Director Neeraj Pathak who was with Zinta at the interview supports her. “She gave appropriate answers. But her words were twisted. She spoke very sensibly on the issue. But that’s not how they come across in the interview.”

A source from Bollywood Hungama affirms that the answers were not tampered with at all, stating, “The video interview was not doctored.”

And the video that’s gone viral, clearly shows Preity being very dismissive about the #MeToo movement. She talks of how Bollywood has “lovely people... it’s the best industry to work in and she has had a wonderful time.” 


But, as we know this is not the first time that Preity Zinta has denied what was reported of her.

Mohanlal too
Trivialising the #MeToo movement is not peculiar to Zinta alone. In a video interview given to Gulf News, distinguished Malayalam actor Mohanlal is seen giggling over how men should also start a #MeToo movement. The actor, who was in Dubai for a show aired his views during a press conference and later in an interview, where he termed the #MeToo movement a ‘trend’. “You shouldn’t think of #MeToo as a movement actually; it’s a fad and it’s turning into something of a fashion. Anything like that will have a lifespan for a bit!” he reportedly said. Saying that sexual misconduct could happen anywhere in life and not just films, he also put forth a suggestion, “We (men) can also come out with a #MeToo, gender-wise.”