Lav Singh of theatre king is now distributing junction Varanasi

Lav Singh\'s first released was \'khel to ab shuru hoga\' starring Ruslaan Mumtaz through his own distribution company in 2016.

Film distribution company 'Theatre King' which is owned by Lav Singh is all set to hit the theaters starring dev Sharma yarriyan fame 'Junction Varanasi' in collaboration with Aryan Entertainment world. On a lovely bond with actor and director Akshay Anand, Lav singh says that 'jaane kyun de yaaron' was his first presented movie which was released a year back on 16 February 2018 Which was the debutant movie of Akshay Anand as a director. And my recent movie as presenter and distributor is '1978 a teen night out' and many more to come. Lav is extremely excited to see their upcoming movie 'junction varanasi' to be hit globally.

Lav Singh's first released was 'khel to ab shuru hoga' starring Ruslaan Mumtaz through his own distribution company in 2016.

Lav Singh started his film career in editing with the Hariyanvi film 'Muthbhed' and worked as an Associate Editor in actor Kartik Aryan's 'Pyar Ka Punchnama' After editing many films he was inclined towards film distribution. Akshay Anand, directed a Hindi movie "Jaane Kyun De Yaaron" when Lav Singh took the responsibility of marketing and distributing the film on his shoulders. Lav also has taken over the all worldwide movie rights of Hindi horror movie named "1978 A Teen Night Out".

Lav Singh believes that It is never a simple job for anyone who make films. Once the production is done, it is a big responsibility to distribute it in the country. Marketing and distribution of a film have great importance in the release of a film. Producer and distributor play vital role in the cinema. Film Distributor Lav Singh believes that as it costs a huge amount in film making, and it is very important to do marketing properly to recover the amount. Lav Singh says, producer can suffer even if a single mistake is done.

Lav Singh's new flick 'Junction Varanasi' is slated for a 18 October 2019 release.

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