For Fawad Khan, TV has lost its punch

The actor who rose to stardom from TV, is off Pakistani serials for a while, says it has become too repetitive.

Fawad Khan as most people know, started his career with Pakistani television. Khan became a household name after playing the role of Asher Hussain in the drama Humsafar, followed by Zaroon in Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

But those days, he says, are behind him — for now. “I am not doing
Pakistani television shows right now. I just felt that after a certain time, they started becoming redundant and repetitive. I thought that maybe right now, it’s time to venture into another medium.

In the meantime, (Ihope) television matures. When I say mature, I mean at least opens up and becomes more accepting and tolerant to all kinds of stories.”
He has a few examples to follow — Fargo for instance.

“It is such a simple story, complete fictional account, but it keeps you engaged. That’s the kind of world that I’d like to create television (content) for. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the Fargo space, but something like that. I don’t want it to revolve around the same old theme — bad husband, good wife, bad husband kicks wife out and wife comes back — that’s the stuff I am bored of.” So, would an exciting enough offer bring him back to television? “I keep dabbling in all kinds of things, so why not?”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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