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Golmaal was a changing point in my career: Tusshar Kapoor

Published Nov 20, 2017, 8:31 pm IST
Updated Nov 21, 2017, 1:08 pm IST
On his 40th birthday, the actor gets candid in an exclusive interview about his career qnd Golmaal Again.
Tusshar Kapoor.
 Tusshar Kapoor.

Mumbai: Tusshar Kapoor has spent a good few years in the industry and has been able to carve a niche for himself. On his 40th birthday, the actor gets candid in an exclusive interview with Deccan Chronicle.

How have you been post the massive success of Golmaal Again?


It’s been a party since the release. Internally we all are keeping up the momentum alive. I couldn’t have asked for more.

How is your birthday celebration going on?

I am with Lakshya. I am just looking forward to have some friends over at my house. Some last minute plans.

A lot of people were disappointed on the less humour and more horror in Golmaal Again, what are your thoughts?

They gotten as much humour they wanted but the ‘bhoot’ angle had made it different. Most of my friends whom I have told that second half has more of a back story, they liked that aspect. I feel that has put the film to more realistic way. I think for the larger audience, it worked. The fact that the film is not just the comedy film but has a story, it sets apart from every other film. It has an emotional connect. I also believe because of this horror, the film just didn’t work in the Golmaal circuit but also where other Golmaal’s didn’t work, there also Golmaal Again worked. Though we have announced the fifth part but Rohit and his team is still deciding on the idea.


Do you believe Rohit Shetty brings out the best in you?

He definitely brings out the best. He has that leadership quality in him and he knows how to bring the best in me. He knows what I am capable of and I have an understanding with him that what he is expecting. That actor-director chemistry is too good between us. I exactly know how much I have to push myself as an actor while working with him hence my work is appreciated especially when it is with Rohit.

So do you believe that Golmaal was a game changer in your life?

It was a turning point of my career. Whenever Golmaal has released, it added a new feather and this time too it I hope it will. I hope that newer opportunities will open up for me. People see me differently now which is happening also with the kind of audience reaction.


Do you feel that comedy scenario has been changed?

I feel that there is still a huge market for comedies but it's just that digitally there’s no censorship. In movies, one can’t release a film having adult content the way it can on internet. Censorship is powerful and strict now so there is no point in making an adult comedy. I think KKHH 3 suffered on that count. It shouldn’t have had those cuts. So, what people expected from the trailer wasn’t there in the film. That doesn’t mean there is no market since Great Grand Masti came out post our film and it got leaked before the release. It is something which I won’t it do it now.


How far as a star kid did failures affect you?

It didn’t affect me much as a star kid and that I made wrong choices or I am being compared with dad (Jeetendra). Disappointments are disappointments and you have to pull up your socks. I think Khakhee came at the right time when my films weren’t working. Raj ji (Rajkumar Santoshi) thankfully saw something in me. It worked for me critically and commercially. I can’t really pin point that what went wrong but I never gave up. Post Khakhee onwards, it is pretty much steady for me. I could say it is a gradual rise only and thankfully I haven’t repeated the mistakes that I did initially. I blindly signed the films back then but not anymore.


Your home production films also didn’t work?

Kuchh to Hai didn’t work but Kya Kool worked. C Company didn’t work but Shootout worked. So it’s been a balance.

Do you feel pressurised as a star kid to do TV or web if not films?

If time permits, I would only do a television show or a web series if it will have a wow factor. I should not do something that will take away whatever I have gained from all the films which I have done in the recent past. It should add to it. I am not going to join the bandwagon just because everyone is doing. I will do the right thing in my own way.


Mostly star kids like Zayed, Uday didn’t work at the BO, they have a way out, how about you?

Thankfully, I have not been compared that way. I don’t know anybody else. Media and the industry have been very kind to me. I had no regrets as such but since the time I started doing Khakhee, Gayab, Kya Kool, Shootout, Dirty Picture, Shor In The City, Golmaal series, it’s only gotten better. I have no insecurities on that count.

How far Lakshya has changed your life?

It’s been the best aspect of my life to have a son of my own. He has fulfilled my life and made me more responsible, sorted, calm, and prioritised and this is the best god could have given me besides Golamaal series. This year it is a double celebration with my little one and the success of Golmaal Again. I go out a lot but I am not a late night person (Laughs).


What’s happening on the film front?

Since Golmaal is out now, I am waiting for better opportunities. Let’s see what destiny has in store for me. I am reading few scripts but nothing has been finalised yet. I am also waiting what the industry wants from me now.