Taapsee Pannu saves a girl in Delhi

Taapsee Pannu plays a fierce, bold and confident girl in her next movie Pink.

Taapsee Pannu plays a fierce, bold and confident girl in her next movie Pink, and word has it that she’s a similar kind of person in real life too. While she was shooting for her movie in Delhi, Taapsee encountered a few guys acting funny with a girl. As her instincts kicked in, the actress intervened immediately, glared at the men, and escorted the girl to her home safely.

Recalling the incident, Taapsee tells us, “Living in Delhi, every girl is eve-teased, mocked or becomes a target to nasty comments by men at some point of her life. I was heading towards my car when I saw few guys passing comments, making weird sounds at a girl who was looking for an auto rickshaw. She was alone. I walked toward the young girl and glared at those guys. I didn’t want to cause an argument with them so I just gave a stare that said it all, and then I offered her a lift.”

The girl, who didn’t recognise the actress, took the offer immediately. “Unfortunately or fortunately, she didn’t recognise me. Now, if someone would have come to me and offered to drop me off to my destination, I would have been hesitant because you never know what can happen next. But this girl, I don’t know what she saw in me that she trusted me enough to accept the offer and let me drop her off to her place,” she added.

Born and brought up in Delhi herself, Taapsee has dealt with her fair share of such men. “The very first thought that popped inside my head was that I could relate to what she was feeling because I have lived in Delhi and I’ve faced such sort of situation myself,” she added. “I could relate to what she was going through. Of course, real life is not as filmy as reel. You don’t go ahead and punch such people and tackle such situations like that.”

The actress wants girls to not to ignore harassers and such incidents, thinking it’s an everyday thing. “God has made us really strong. We don’t have to worry about our physical strength. We are a lot stronger than we think; we are mentally strong. Fight and get the hurdle out of the way because God would never put you through something you cannot overcome,” she asserts. “Many times, I have seen guys come forward and stand up against eve-teasing. It’s basically about you taking charge, so stop shying away and stand up against such things,” Taapsee said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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