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Saroj Ji would call me a Heroine, says Meenakshi Dixit

Published Apr 20, 2016, 4:50 pm IST
Updated Apr 20, 2016, 4:50 pm IST
Actress Meenakshi Dixit will be seen romancing Randeep Hooda in her next 'Laal Rang'.
Actress Meenakshi Dixit made her Bollwyood debut with director Kundan Shah's 'P Se PM Tak'.
 Actress Meenakshi Dixit made her Bollwyood debut with director Kundan Shah's 'P Se PM Tak'.

Actress Meenakshi dixit, who hails from Lucknow will be seen in 'Laal Rang' opposite Randeep Hooda. She made an unconventional debut with 'P Se PM Tak' and then changed tracks with a very different role in 'Laal Rang'. In a candid interview, Meenakshi tells us about her journey in showbiz as a small town girl, how Saroj Khan played an integral part in her career and more. Excerpts:

What challenges did you think you would face in Bollywood?
I was never afraid or scared about anything honestly. I am personally a very fearless person. I like my life to go with the flow. From Nachle Ve With Saroj Khan to series of south films and later my journey to Bollywood, it gradually happened. I have been rejected in many auditions but that is simply because I didn’t fit the role. I feel my real challenge is when I get the role and I have to perform certain character.


How did you bag your first on-screen break in Nachle Ve With Saroj?
That show changed my life totally. I was just auditioned once for the show and I was selected. There was no support from my family back then. I believe it was destined. When I cleared the audition, casting people from the production house told me that every house will connect with my smile. I guess my wicked smile worked out [Laughs]

When did you know you wanted to become an actor?
When I was doing Nachle Ve With Saroj in 2008, Saroj ji used to ask me about my future plans and back then I had no clue about it. My family is very educated and professional and it was easy for me to do family business or some job. But I used to dance since I was a kid. Saroj ji used to call me a heroine on the sets of the show. I lately realised that she was trying to trigger my sub conscious mind. I have discovered myself by each passing day.


You also did a music video with Nofel Izz Choolun Aasman before your Bollywood debut…
I was shooting in Dubai for a south film. Nofel is a friend and he wanted me to do this music video but that time it wasn’t my professional approach towards it. But seeing the current trend of music videos with such great lyrics and storyline, I would love to be the part of the music videos.

Were you sceptical in doing your Bollywood debut with a bold film like 'P Se PM Tak'?
I was very apprehensive in the beginning. I took time to understand since it was a bold concept. I think it was very challenging role for a girl who hails from a small town to bag the film with director like Kundan Shah. I worked really hard for it. Kundan sir is a strict man, getting appreciation from his a big thing. I thought let’s debut with a difference unlike others who start their Bollywood journey with cliché romantic roles.


How difficult is the industry for aspirants from small towns?
Every one faces the depressing phase. No one in this world you will come across who doesn’t feel low, sad or helpless. The little I know about the recent suicide case is saddening. She must be lonely that she took such a big step. It is a waste of a beautiful life. I feel one should always be surrounded with their friends and family.

Tell us a bit about your role in 'Laal Rang'?
I am playing Rashi Bansal who is a medical student and aspiring to be a doctor. Her choices are driven by her family, be it her love life or career but she is a very confident girl. She is love with her childhood friend Shankar played by Randeep Hooda. You will get to her innocence despite of not going against her family.


Did you ever feel overshadow by the stardom of Randeep Hooda?
I feel elated and proud to have worked with Randeep. He is so humble that I could never feel his stardom. He gives a lot to his co-actor. His craft is beautiful.

What do you have to say about filmmakers turning launchpads for star kids?
There’s nothing wrong in launching these star kids. I feel if anyone wants to do unconventional thing, the person have to work hard for it. If Varun Dhawan or Alia Bhatt were launched by Karan Johar, someone or the other in their family must have worked hard. It is a process. Who knows my kids will be launched by Karan Johar! Still I feel in a long process, talent matters.


Do you agree that only sex and star kid’s sell in the industry?
I believe industry is content driven. I have absolutely no issues in being glamorous. Till the time it is a demand to support my character I am okay with it.