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Rani Mukerji at Hichki trailer launch: I used to stammer in my childhood

Published Dec 19, 2017, 7:59 pm IST
Updated Dec 19, 2017, 7:59 pm IST
Rani Mukerji is coming back to Bollywood after a long break with Siddharth P. Malhotra's directorial 'Hichki'.
Rani Mukerji at 'Hichki' trailer launch.
 Rani Mukerji at 'Hichki' trailer launch.

Mumbai: Rani Mukerji is coming back to Bollywood after a long break with Siddharth P. Malhotra's directorial 'Hichki'. This is the first movie that Rani will be seen in post her marriage to YRF head honcho Aditya Chopra. The makers released an announcement video, which made it clear that Rani plays a school teacher in this film. 'Hichki' is about a woman who has tourette syndrome and yet visualizes to become a teacher. Rani plays this teacher who has been provided a job amidst some stubborn students who haven't learnt respect.

YRF has released this movie's trailer a while back with the one-woman army, Rani Mukerji.


The trailer brings in some refreshment and the wait for it was definitely worth it. You can watch it here:

Revealing why she took 'Hichki', Rani said, "I took 'Hichki' because of the challenging prole and story of an underdog."

She further mentioned, "'Hichki' was the film I got offered after pregnancy."

Rani also revealed that she didn't want to take Adira on sets. She said, "It's been a beautiful journey with 'Hichki', but I didn't want to take my daughter to sets."


Further speaking about why Adira is kept hidden from the media, Rani elaborated, "My husband is a private person. He wants Adira to have normal upbringing. You don't want extra privileges to be given to your child. If she becomes known, something might stem in her, and we don't want that for her. I want to thank the paparazzi for not taking Adira's pictures. I always ask them to not take her pics."

Coming back to the movie, Rani also revealed how the movie is close to her. Not only Rani, but her mother and brother too suffered a syndrome - stammering. Rani revealed, "I used to stammer in my childhood. My mother and brother also do. Mom is a singer since 13, and what's surprising is that she didn't stammer when singing."


Unlike what you would expect, during this film's shooting, Rani had much lesser interaction with her husband and producer Aditya Chopra. Rani said, "Aditya was lesser involved compared to Maneesh, as a creative producer. So I interacted more with Siddharth and Maneesh."

Rani also confirmed that she will not come on social media. She said, "I'm going to promote the film on YRF's handles. My fans can contact me then. I'll take time to get on social media."

So what kind of films can you expect to see Rani in next? The actress stated, "I always look for one factor that touches my heart in scripts."