When doing well, we must share happiness

Mrunal Thakur's focus on craft and family values led to global success, unaffected by stardom

A girl who “relies a lot on family” for her emotional and professional direction, says, “I come from a family that operates on the basis of sensible dinner table conversations. Every day our interactions include strategy, sensitivity and progress. My dad constantly helps me keep my focus on my craft and never the trapings of stardom.”

From Love Sonia to Sita Ramam her climb to the cinematic top has been nothing short of remarkable. “It has been a very rewarding journey, from soap operas to films. By reading scripts and meeting so many creative people, I’ve developed my own thought process and standpoints on important issues. Being an actor, I feel, isn’t just about emoting in front of the camera. I try to grow my own understanding of global issues, national issues and humanitarian causes through my film journey. There is a lot of research that informs my acting,” she smiles.

Being committed to responsible engagement with her fans, she has spoken at platforms against child sexual abuse and on women’s rights and continually donates to promote rural health. “There is so much we are blessed with. When we are doing well, it’s our duty to share the happiness. I avoid discussing my charity work but hope to inspire young people to uplift lives,” she shares.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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