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I'll always be there for people who have been ill-treated: Kundan Srivastava

Published Jul 19, 2019, 3:28 pm IST
Updated Jul 19, 2019, 3:28 pm IST
The young and influential 28-years old Kundan Srivastava is one of the youngest Human Rights activists of our country.
Kundan Srivastava.
 Kundan Srivastava.

Mumbai: While the intellectuals of the country prefer to debate on television on severe issues of our country, a young Software Engineer has stood up against all the odds to make a difference and do something about the problems and crimes that are happening around us.

The young and influential 28-years old Kundan Srivastava is one of the youngest Human Rights activists of our country. "Cursing the government and law and order while just reading the newspaper comfortably wouldn't change the situation. We, as a responsible citizen of our country, need to do our part and stand against the crimes and injustice to empower the nation." He says. It's been over a decade since Kundan has been working as a social activist and fighting for human rights.


My journey from a software engineer to human rights activists has been deeply influenced by the experiences I had in my life. I have been affected by crimes and injustice personally. I have been kidnapped for seven days for raising my voice against bureaucracy and mafia that was taking over the education system. I was mentally tortured and forced to quit my protest all this time. Being abused and affected by those thugs for seven days as a kid, I thought I wouldn't make it alive. Miracle I somehow I managed the escape from there after getting shot on my leg. And that when I realized how important it is to stand against the injustice and the crime that has been damaging our society from deep inside. He shares.


His social awareness and reforming works are hugely popular across the country, one such incident is when in the video, the woman could be seen counting cash and depositing money at a really slow pace, and people found it to be hilarious. In no time, she was the laughing stock on social media and the video titled 'fastest cashier of the world' gave way to various cruel jokes on her. A week later, Kundan shared her story in a Facebook post, that she had just resumed her work after an arduous medical treatment. She has had a paralytic stroke and two heart attacks. And that is why she took a long time to count money and deposit.


Although the woman was due to retire in February next year and have enough leaves to sit at home till retirement with full pay, she decided to finish her tenure with dignity. And that is why she took. "Hats off to all the women of our nation who are striving and working hard, making all our lives and our nation move ahead," said Srivastava.

The firm resolve of Kundan to work for human rights doesn't have any boundaries or limits. He is known to go beyond his limits to help his fellow Indian brother and sister. A video of Abdul Sattar Makandar, a truck driver, made a video which shows him crying in desperation about his situation asking for help. He was a migrant worker who went to Saudi Arabia for work and stuck there. He said that in the video that his employer is not letting him to India, has kept his passport and doesn't even pay any money for food and other expenses. The video went viral after Kundan posted it on his facebook on his page.


"His life is in danger, and being Indian, we have a responsibility to help him. I would also like to request that every human being and media come forward and support us." Kundan said. And by working with the Indian Foreign ministry and working on it on a diplomatic level, He helped free Makandar bring back to India to his family. It was one of the most significant accomplishments of Kundan's life he said.

In the previous years, Kundan has rescued so many people from very terrible situations and helped them come out in the mainstream to live a normal life. A girl from Delhi was raped and blackmailed by her office colleague for more than two months. She couldn't speak or talk about it to anyone and was suffering this physical and mental torture for so long. At last, she reached out to Kundan Srivastava and his foundation "Be In Humanity." He took the matter in his hand and helped her file the FIR against the culprit and provided a lawyer to fight the case for her.


There are many examples like this where Kundan have saved so many people from hell and helped them live Kundan aims to reach out to as many people as he can so that more and more people get benefitted from his NGO. The real interesting fact is that he's NGO "Be In Humanity" never takes any donation, and it is entirely run on the youth volunteers money which they all contribute each month from their earnings. better life. He has got various awards from much different organization for his work for human rights. He also gets called to give speeches and talk about his experience. Today he has thousands of followers and admirer of him those who want to join him in his mission contribute in the noble cause.


A Book titled "Titled is Untitled" was also written by Kundan Srivastava which explores the stories of urban and ruler women of the countries and it shows us a different perspective of the life of the women. The book is a combination of facts and fictions which vastly covers every aspect of their lives and problems.

He is just one click away from everyone, and anyone can reach out to him very easily via his social media handles. He is the one person who will hear the unheard stories and atrocities that one has gone through and will help them out.


"I will always be there for the people who have been ill-treated and were deprived of their rights. I will help them regardless of their caste, religion, gender everyone deserves justice," stated Kundan.