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This is what makes Alisha Taneja the best American Indian blogger

Published Jun 19, 2019, 9:52 pm IST
Updated Jun 19, 2019, 9:52 pm IST
Alisha Taneja.
 Alisha Taneja.

Mumbai: American Indians are creating names for themselves in almost all spheres of life, whether that is politics, technology, business or television. Another niche where American Indians are thriving is blogging. Among them is 23-year-old Alisha Taneja who has built quite a fan following has established herself as a successful fashion blogger and social media influencer.

While most fashionistas tend to be tall and thin, Alisha’s Shakira-ish stature of under 5-feet coupled with her curvy body is her trademark. If you thought she has had a smooth ride to gain 657,000 Instagram followers, you’re in for a surprise. As a teenager, she was constantly bullied about her height and skin color. But instead of letting it become her Achilles heel, she’s made it into her source of strength through her blog Saffron on Rose.

Alisha’s blogging career began when she realized there’s a lack of fashion for short women like her. “It’s always hard to find clothes that are my size, it is hard for me to be petite and curvy – nothing fits right most of the time!” she says. Today, she’s a role model for other women and through her fashion tips, she helps them be unafraid of accepting themselves the way they are.

Looking at her style statement, it’s hard to believe this wasn’t her first or even second career option. She was studying biology when she switched over to political science before the blogging bug bit her. After convincing her parents, she headed to Hollywood to make a name for herself in 2015. Five years down the line, Alisha is collaborating with the likes of Uber and American Express. Her confidence also got her interviewed for Maybelline’s Make It Happen campaign and a featured on Teachable’s Change Maker.

If there’s one thing other young women can learn from her, that is her ability to make the best use of her passion. Although blogging is her most prominent activity, Alisha is also a social media strategist for brands in lifestyle, fashion and healthcare as well as a fashion consultant for Fox Life and Vogue. “I never feel restricted, and the best part is I enjoy my work and often do it through the night. I am so motivated that most of the time, I never feel the need to unplug from my work,” she explains.  

But just like any business, hers has also gone through the downs from where she’s risen back up. “I have had times where I didn’t make anything all month and others where my business boomed,” she explains. But even in the face of difficulty, Alisha stayed patient and persistent.

At times, she would send out hundreds of personally drafted emails with no response, but she stayed committed on the advice of her mother. “I think people give up too easily. My mother taught me how to push and persevere and keep going. She told me to keep sending emails and keep going even when I was getting rejections,” she shares.

Alisha has never been the one to stick to an office job and today she’s in charge of her life and all her decisions. “I love being my own boss. I always want to be in control, be creative and be producing amazing content. Being able to call the shots professionally and creatively in every new project gives me a rush every time!” she exclaims.

This purpose-driven young lady has all the right reasons to inspire other women to follow their passion and stay true to themselves.



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