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The sweet smell of victory is an encouraging feeling, says Samir Victor Tabar

Published Jun 19, 2019, 9:58 pm IST
Updated Jun 19, 2019, 9:58 pm IST
Samir Victor Tabar.
 Samir Victor Tabar.

Mumbai: The co-founder of a famous company, Fluidity that is focused on shaping the future of finance and the CSO of a decentralized marketplace, Sam Tabar has earned a pyrrhic success in the legal industry with his crispy fresh approaches and a heart for a euphoric change.

Sam, born and bred in Canada, in a family of 4, where his parents share the gushiest love story, is now the co-founder of Fluidity. Fluidity is a company that is rebuilding finance for a frictionless World. Not just another company, they are the ones who created the renowned and first ever Decentralized exchange protocol, Airswap; where every trade is just a few clicks away.

The man who has 15 years of expertise in the finance industry, and an ex- partner at FullCycle Fund Group, runs a company that emerged as the first integrated, compliant model to bring security tokens online and make them readily available for online trade. Sam has done it all!

He went to the Oxford University in England, finished law from Columbia University in New York, started working as a finance lawyer in New York at Skadden, and then moved to Tokyo.

His movement to Tokyo can be counted as the first step to enter the world of emerging markets. He went to Tokyo to build a fund as the Managing Director at Sparx Group, an established name since 1989.  After growth in learning for eight years in Tokyo, he moved to Hong Kong as a banker to help navigate capital from the US to Asia. It was in 2011 that he stepped into the shoes of the Director, Head of Capital Strategy at Merril Lynch. He stayed there for two years and prepared himself to grow out of the boots with better understanding and a strong head to bring in a positive change in the system of finance. According to him, the order of finance and trading was somewhere biased towards middlemen and extreme wealth. To bring a change, Sam then moved back to New York and is now the co-founder of a company that believes in making finance available to all. And while at that job, he sought to create a fantastic strategy along with his co-mates, building a decentralized marketplace that excludes the need of a middleman to be present.

The decentralized, secure, and integrated token trading system is called AirSwap. With AirSwap, users stay in full control of their trades and assets, and all the settlement happens between the peers only. Hence, no middleman, no quandaries. While Blockchain has been for some time in the market, ruling the trade business on its fingertips, the brand-new decentralized system is secure.

First, Airswap is a digital and decentralized platform.

Second, the trade can happen freely between peers using their digital wallets and without giving custody of the tokens.

The venture emerged as the first compliant model to work past the traditional methods of trading. Involving the only online tokens, made the system even more secure and easy to work with.

Someone as original in thinking as Sam, he has made it possible for AirSwap to rank amongst the Top 100 blockchain companies. Backed by ConsenSys (venture production studio focused on solving all the real-world problems with the help of Ethereum blockchain solutions for all organizations, big or small,) is the most prominent venture firm in the blockchain industry.

While the debate will go on forever between people, who believe we might as well go back to the Stone Age of barter, let's not forget that this token based digital trading system bought $1M worth of trades through its local marketplace in mere 24 hours of going live. There are power and creativity hungry mammoths out there who love this stirring change in trading. The prodigious names embrace his work in the industry, and it's without a doubt, a landslide victory.
Kudos Sam! It's a win, win for you. And here's a toast to the next generation of finance.



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