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Kelly Ripa thinks Priyanka Chopra and Tom Cruise exhibit similar traits, here’s how?

Published Apr 19, 2017, 1:31 pm IST
Updated Apr 19, 2017, 1:33 pm IST
Kelly Ripa and Priyanka Chopra
 Kelly Ripa and Priyanka Chopra

Mumbai: Global actress Priyanka Chopra is done with her ‘Quantico’ season 3 shoot and has packed her bags to come back to India. But before returning home Priyanka joined celebrity talk show host Kelly Ripa on her show ‘Live with Kelly’ and what ensued was pretty fabulous!

Praising PeeCee’s act as an FBI/CIA agent in the show ‘Quantico’, Kelly said, “When you watch Quantico, it's like watching a movie. It's so fun. For me as the viewer, it's a thrilling action packed ride. For you (Priyanka), as the star of Quantico, I would think that would be a nightmare. I mean, how many hours a day are you working?

To which, the Bollywood beauty replied, “It's 15-hour a day, five days a week. Weekends, I do a lot of promos for the show. But, it's really hard as it is crazy hours.”

Priyanka, who has injured herself on set a couple of times in the past, said she has no qualms about getting hurt for work. “I have been hurt a couple of times but its action, it happens. You just have to make sure that you don't get too hurt if you can't come back to work.”

A surprised Kelly then jokingly said, “This is the difference between us. You're like it's action that happens. I would say, 'Oh you need me to open the car door in this scene? Where is my stunt double?

The actress quickly replied, “That's the total opposite. My stunt doubles' having Slurpees and saying 'You need me?

The celebrity chat show host then went on to draw comparisons between Chopra and Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. Kelly said, “I really do enjoy doing my own stunts. Except when I don't have a concussion. Because that is what happened the last time I tried. But besides that, it is really a lot of fun. If you're careful it's a feel of adventure and adrenaline and so much fun.

Co-incidentally, the ‘desi girl’ is also rumoured to star alongside Tom Cruise in the sixth instalment of ‘Mission Impossible’. Was that a hint?



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