Would love to work in regional films, says Parineeti Chopra

Times have changed and so has content and now, we see more women-oriented cinema.

Mumbai: Parineeti Chopra is set to hit the silver screen with Kesari, a film on the Battle of Saragarhi. In the film, the actress, who is Punjabi by roots, is seen donning a Punjabi avatar.

When the actress was asked if she enjoys playing a Punjabi character on screen, she immediately responds saying, “I am a Punjabi at heart although I grew up in London and Kenya. I want to speak and perform in Punjabi now. I would love to do a Punjabi film. I am looking for a good script,” she says and further adds that she would actually love to explore the regional cinema across the country. “I actually don’t care about the language. I want to work in regional films. I would love to do Marathi cinema because they are so advanced and forward thinking and it’s a quality cinema but I can’t speak Marathi. I will have to learn the language and will work hard for it. It will be an honour to do a Marathi film.”

So, is she open to do films in the South as well? “I wanted to do films in South but couldn’t do them because of time commitment. It was clashing and I had to miss those films,” she says and adds, “It has to be a good film to lure me away from Bollywood.”

Times have changed and so has content and now, we see more women-oriented cinema. When Parineeti was asked how she sees this change and if she is content with her journey so far, the actress says, “I don’t like the terms such as ‘women-oriented’. You don’t say this to men. I have been content. This makes me feel great. And, I am in the best phase of my life today. I have never been more content in life,” says Parineeti.

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