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Katrina Kaif says shooting for Zero was 'depressing', here's why

Published Dec 18, 2018, 5:42 pm IST
Updated Dec 18, 2018, 6:50 pm IST
Katrina Kaif. (Photo: Viral Bhayani)
 Katrina Kaif. (Photo: Viral Bhayani)

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif has come a long way, she has not only worked on her Hindi language but seems to have worked on her craft as well. No prizes for guessing her dancing ability and acting caliber are being appreciated by one and all in the industry. Though she refuses to share anything on being heart broken in any relationship, but undoubtedly talks philosophically on subjects like depression and also feels- her take on being physically challenged. Read to know more...

Working with Shah Rukh Khan in her first film and now in Zero, what kind of chemistry did she share then and now?

It's seems like it’s just been just two years. But for the matter of fact it's been six years after Jab Tak Hai Jaan and now we are together in Zero. We have known each other now. I first time got acquainted to him when I had accompanied Salman Khan on Shah Rukh’s show KBC. Though after I met Shah rukh Khan, I could not see him or meet him much. Also could not know much about him because there was no social media. However, even though you may not be in touch with any of your peers but - you come to know everything about them.

I recently met Farah Khan and we were talking about her wedding. There was such a big party that night, but not much was revealed.  Now everyone has become conscious as everyone has phones. It's recorded and photographs will be flashed immediately. Earlier there was a lot of freedom and space.

Katrina adds, "When I started doing, “Jab Tak Hain Jaan” I was scared of him. I was intimidated by him and was not comfortable and it was Yash Chopra's film.   I was nervous, but it was a wonderful experience. Now, I have had more years of life experience and acting experience I learnt more from my craft. In, “Zero” there was this big change. I was very comfortable. It was more about what we wanted to do with the character. 

How did your character Babita Kumari come about?

Anand Sir had spoken to me about my character Babita Kumari. The film was crafted differently and there were slight changes.  But the one thing about this character Anand Sir kept talking to me constantly that he wanted to see and know how I was as a person. So he could understand as to how to construct and guide me in this character. He is one director I have seen all his films, ad and one thing that came across was, his female characters were strong they were neither incidental nor ornamental. They are multi layered and multi dimensional. Very complex .Thus I always wanted to work with him. We knew it was going to be a journey for us to do but I was also aware of the fact that this journey would not be easy.

How was it working with Director Anand L Rai?

Professionally I learnt a lot. The whole experience came about when I had a lot of space in my mind so I could put all my heart and mind to work. Personally I did not have much in my life as my family doesn’t live here. So my full attention was put on work. I could imbibe a lot from him. What he taught me was that as human beings we don't often portray what we are feeling from within? You may be sad and insecure and vulnerable but you start behaving obnoxious, aggressive, & defensive trying to hide what we really are feeling. Actually we are not honest to ourselves. We try to be cheerful and overcompensate. Sometimes we might not show how we are happy you will play it down.  We are scared to show our real emotions. That's what we are trying to do with Babita. She never shows what she is feeling. She doesn't want anybody's sympathy.  She does not cry. She may be crying from within but she will crack jokes.  She never feels sorry about herself. There's one scene where I am at a low point. I felt that I did it very well.  I cry in the scene and Shahrukh says something to her. But Anand Rai came and said “we will have to re-shoot the scenes.”  I told him “I have done it so well.”  He showed me the scenes and it is then I realized why he wanted me to re-shoot it, simply because Babita is the character who never show any emotions.

What is your take on being Physical challenged?

I have a member in my family and I see it as biggest blessings in the family. My sister went through a lot and it was shocking for us. But now I feel he is the most beautiful child in the world. They have God with them. What Anand sir is trying to say is that ,No matter what  things look from outside though she[Anushka’s character]And he [SRK character] is physically challenged. He is vertically challenged. Undeniably,  Babita’s character   on surface has everything Power, fame and money but  she has the biggest weakness as she feels empty and she has nothing. That's what the story is about, as human beings we always want to feel complete.  That is what we are trying to chase in life. It may be relationships, money, career and material things and fame.  People who are happy in life feel that love and success is wonderful. But the peace has to come from within.  That is what Aanand Sir is trying to tell through this tale?

How was your shooting experience for the film?

Shooting was not fun experience, it was depressing.  When there was a break I would feel peaceful.  Aanand Sir has good understanding and he understood the character and then he had to guide me how to do this. He would sit and make me comfortable.   He smartly makes you comfortable and confident and then puts you through what he wants.  I wanted to experience lightness and be easy. I didn't want to go into my mind and feel how insecure and how heartbroken or sad you feel. The positive side is you have to do what scares you. I have done something out of my zone.  I have been here for ten years. I was comfortable in the zone. Now organically I have to do roles that are giving me something different to do. At times out of sad feelings I would tell him I don’t want to do it. He would lovingly tell me, “You have to do it.” Most of the shootings were done during Night and so it would feel sad. That is life you ask for as an actor.

What is your take on depression? What gives you mental happiness?

It's a difficult subject. There is very little help for people who are suffering.  There may be times when you are completely consumed by your emotions.  It's not a factual situation.  The emotions you feel is a response to your mind.  If you have a break up in life and you don't want to meet people and also you feel as if your life is over. I feel that   the emotion one feels is response to the situation but its not factual. You believe it's the truth but it's not the truth.  Our responses to the situation make you feel sad.  A lot of things come and go in life Most of the times people are trying to be something they are not and be somewhere they are not. 

Giving an example on mental happiness she adds, I came back from the wedding and I felt like going to a restaurant to have dinner.  But after sometime I decided I will not go. Because I will have to get ready.  You will need to wear makeup, as you cannot let your hair lose. Now a day you cannot go casually as there is social media.  People don't understand what you are going through. Now cell phones have become the focus.  We are forgetting to feed and cultivate ourselves.   If I want to be a successful actor I have to study to better my craft but what am I doing? I am concentrating on my phone and social media.  It's a platform which is great to say what you want to say. But it's becoming a prison as we want to be perfect and look good and be perfect. Also if I being an actor have not taken care of my attire and other things I can get trolled.    We are making life more complicated with phones.   There is a gap between projected reality and what is really happening?? 

Explaining about showing to being happy but really not being happy she adds, "You will see someone putting pictures of party with two people. They may be bored but it's projected as if they are happy. That's why people are getting more depressed."

Talking about her plans for Christmas, Katrina says, "I am promoting the film.  Last year I was here.  New years I will be spending with my sisters as I don’t have much time as I will start shooting for Bharat.  I hope the audience likes it."

Zero releases on December 21.



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