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Rabia Khan hires UK forensic expert to question probe into Jiah’s death

Published Sep 18, 2016, 10:08 am IST
Updated Sep 18, 2016, 11:27 am IST
Rabia Khan has been trying to obtain forensic details of the case from the CBI, but without any success.
Rabia Khan has questioned the investigation into her daughter Jiah's death.
 Rabia Khan has questioned the investigation into her daughter Jiah's death.

Mumbai: Jiah Khan was found hanging in her Juhu apartment on June 3, 2013, but three years later, there is still some mystery regarding details of the incident. While the Central Bureau of Investigation recently stated that Jiah committed suicide, her mother Rabia Khan has claimed that it was a case of murder.

Sooraj Pancholi, who was in a relationship with the late actress at the time of her death, has been charged with abetment to suicide in her death and the proceedings related to the case are currently underway.


Now, Rabia Khan has taken some new steps to get justice for her daughter and to get to the bottom of the case. She claims that she has been trying since a substantial amount of time to obtain forensic details of the case from the CBI, but without any success. And so, she has now hired a UK-based forensic expert Jason Payne-James to unearth crucial information related to the case.

"Finally I approached Jason Payne-James, who has found out several discrepancies in the CBI investigations. But since we are yet to submit the findings to the High Court, we cannot reveal the details of the report now," Khan told DNA.


There is some mystery over the object Jiah used to hang herself, whether it was a dupatta or a rope.

“I very clearly remember one of the hearings in the High Court. The judge asked the police as to what was used by the deceased to commit suicide. The officer, after looking at the photograph of my daughter, replied: 'I think it is a rope." Her counsel had told the judge that the panchmana states it was a dupatta that was used. She now wants to know where is the dupatta and why are the details related to it not stated anywhere.


"The sad part is that the irresponsible behaviour of the police towards my daughter's case did not end there. When the High Court asked them to show the dupatta, they said that it was with the Forensic Science Laboratory for a dna test. But the FSL makes no mention about it. Also there was no mention about the whereabouts of the track suit used by my daughter," Khan added.

Khan has now questioned the police’ claim that there was some faecal matter found on the floor that day, as according to experts, this can only be possible when the death is because of trauma or shock.


Khan is hoping that her daughter gets justice just like South African model Reeva Steenkamp who was killed by her boyfriend, famous athlete Oscar Pistorius on Valentine's Day 2014.

"I am not witch-hunting who killed my daughter, I just want the truth. The scientific evidence speaks for itself and it is plain for all to see. I believe the court will not let me down. I want the truth for my daughter, just like Reeva got justice in her country. I believe in my country's judiciary. That is why I am still here, fighting to get the truth out," she was quoted saying.