Rakesh Roshan gave Hrithik a go-ahead for filing notice against Kangana Ranaut

Senior Roshan may have had something to do with Hrithik sending legal notice to Kangana.

The father-son bonding in the Roshan family seems to go much beyond the films the two have done together. Papa Roshan, it appears, has been rather instrumental in the way things have panned out in his son’s personal life lately, regarding the whole Kangana Ranaut episode. Both parties have slammed each other with legal notices that contain a long list of allegations. The first notice was sent by Hrithik to Kangana but if sources are to be believed, senior Roshan may have had a part to play in it?

It all started when the Roshans were left red-faced at an awards ceremony — an incident they didn’t take lightly. Reportedly, when Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik and his uncle Rajesh arrived on the red carpet, questions about his affair with Kangana left them fuming. Not someone to let sleeping dogs lie, Hrithik decided to take the matter in his hands and call Kangana.

A source revealed, “They had many heated arguments after Kangana’s interview (where she used the term ‘silly ex’) went viral and Hrithik had warned her at that time that he would take legal action if she did not clarify her stance.”

Reportedly, Hrithik had also sought help from senior officials of Mumbai Police after he realised that an imposter had created a fake email id under his name and was using it to interact with his fans and others as well. He had even mentioned that a ‘young girl’ (who could be Kangana) had sent a lot of photographs and clips on the false email id, which could harm the reputation of both parties.

Even as Hrithik continued to pester Kangana to clarify her stance after the controversial interview, the latter didn’t yield. A source revealed, “Kangana was asked one last time before the legal notice was sent. But she had made it clear that she would not budge from her position.” That’s when Hrithik discussed the matter with his father Rakesh Roshan and told him that he intends to send a legal notice to Kangana. Roshan senior promptly gave him a go-ahead.

Hrithik’s statement sent on Feb 26 alleged that Kangana was trying to cash in on the episode to gain publicity. The notice states, “Since quite sometime you (Kangana) have been insinuating and trying to create an image within the film industry through print and social media and in public at large that there was some relationship between our client (Hrithik) and you.” It adds, “Our client states that it is needless to mention that there was no relationship between him and you. You are trying to propagate a false idea and thereby gain publicity with ulterior motives and mala fide intentions.”

Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee questioned why Hrithik had to react when she mentioned a ‘silly ex’ in her interview, as if he were indeed the ex she was hinting at. He also pointed out that Kangana didn’t mention
anybody’s name.

We tried to get in touch with Rakesh Roshan but he didn’t respond to our queries. Meanwhile Hrithik’s lawyer Dipesh Mehta said on Thursday that they intend to approach the cyber crime cell again regarding the matter of hoax emails exchanged between Kangana and Hrithik’s imposter.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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