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Simran writer Apurva Asrani calls out Kangana for lying about being the co-writer

Published May 17, 2017, 12:30 pm IST
Updated May 17, 2017, 12:36 pm IST
Apurva Asrani and Kangana Ranaut.
 Apurva Asrani and Kangana Ranaut.

Mumbai: The new poster of 'Simran' credits Kangana Ranaut as the 'additional story and dialogue writer' which has not gone down well with Apurva Asrani, the writer of the film.

Asrani features as the 'story, screenplay and dialogue writer in the poster but his credit appears after Kangana's.

While the writer does not mind Kangana being named as the 'additional dialogue writer', he is not happy that she is also sharing the credits as co-writer.

The film is directed by Hansal Mehta who has previously worked with Apurva in critically acclaimed films like 'Shahid', 'CityLights and 'Aligarh'.

Apurva Asrani took the Facebook route to share his disagreement on Kangana being credited as the co-writer of 'Simran.' 

He also wrote that how he is disappointed with the fact that Kangana has been claiming in her interviews that Hansal Mehta approached her with a one line screenplay of the film, and further went on to claim that the film was a gritty thriller then and it's she who converted it into a light-hearted film.

His post on Facebook read:

Earlier too, Apurva, who was reportedly sacked as the editor of the film, shared the poster of the film on Facebook, saying he has worked as the 'Story, Screenplay and Dialogue writer' in the film.

Director Goldie Behl tweeted to Apurva, writing, "Nice feel @Apurvasrani have heard of additional dialogues but can't understand 'additional story' a story is a story how can you have additional."

To which, Apurva replied, "Thanks @GOLDIEBEHL. I think @mehtahansal is the best person to answer that question."

He then, in a series of tweets, disclosed that "All I could do was fight for my credit to remain in the film; and I did that! If that had been tampered with I would go to the association (Film Writers' Association)."

In another tweet, he said, "And yes, I am guilty of signing a contract that only protects the producer, because in this case I believed the producer to be my friend."

'Simran' will hit the theatres on September 15.



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