Akshay Kumar requests for Gold's release

The actor's upcoming sports film and previously Pad Man have been banned in the neighbouring country, Pakistan.

This Independence Day saw the release of Akshay Kumar’s Gold. The actor said that he was happy to be doing films like Pad Man and Gold. “When I first started doing films, I was not in a position to make certain choices. Whatever came my way, I consented to participate in. However, after having been in the film industry for so long, and having gotten into the production of films, I can now choose to do films that can bring about a change in our country,” he said, adding, “Gold is a film about how the Indian hockey team craved to win a gold medal for free India. Winning it, was a real achievement for us.”

Addressing the ban on the film’s release in Pakistan, Akshay said, “Gold is a sports film through and through. In the film, when the Indian team is on the field, the Pakistani players in the audience cheer them on, and vice-versa. I hope Pakistan’s PM, Imran Khan understands this and allows it to be released there. He should understand that Gold has nothing to do with the partition.”

“Pad Man, was also not allowed to release in Pakistan. The problems addressed in that film are faced by women across the globe. Hopefully, Pad Man will release in Pakistan too someday, because the women there must also be facing the same problems,” he concluded.


( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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