It's the best time of my life, I love being in my 30s: Sonam Kapoor

The actress, who is awaiting the release of her next, Pad Man, talks about choosing the hard way out, dressing up for herself and more.

A decade ago, when she made her foray into Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor would’ve never imagined coming a long way by herself. And if there’s one rule she swears by for being in the industry, it’s the fact that she’s fiercely personal about her personal life.

While there are strong rumours about the fact that she will tie the knot with her rumoured beau Anand Ahuja soon, she wishes to keep mum about it. “I just feel like there’s a sanctity to your personal life, and I will never make it into a public discussion ever,” she asserts. “At least I will not be a part of it.”

In an industry where actresses fear growing older, Sonam is proud to flaunt her age. Ask her how things have changed in the 10 years she’s been in the industry, and she says, “I’ve grown up a bit from the age of 21. I’m 32 now. It’s the best time of my life. I love being in my 30s!”

Prod her, and she adds, “I think my late 20s were great. But the years from 26 to 32 have been an upward climb — slow and steady. It’s just been very, very enjoyable.”

Still raring to take on Bollywood, Sonam’s urge to do better work is still alive, and she’s far from being content. “As an actor, you have to constantly learn and constantly evolve. The day I feel content, I will stop working. And I don’t ever want to stop working,” Sonam says, sternly.

“I always want to do more films, play better characters, work on better stories. It’s always important as an actor; I don’t think there should ever be an ending to your learning. Life should be fulfilling for you and your work should always make you to do better,” the actress, who has movies like Delhi 6, Neerja and Raanjhanaa to her name, says.

And while she comes from one of Bollywood’s oldest families, she ensures that she takes the difficult path. “Money is tempting everywhere,” she starts. “But money has never driven me. I come from a very comfortable background. So, to be honest, if anybody should be making difficult choices, it should be me. If anybody who comes from a comfortable background makes easy choices, then shame on them,” says Sonam, pulling no punches. “I feel that I must (make those choices) since I’m Anil Kapoor’s daughter. It’s God’s grace and God’s gift. I shouldn’t take it for granted.”

The National Award winner, however, says she exercises caution while choosing her films. “I have always been very cautious, I have been careful. I only like to work with people I enjoy working with — who are like-minded and have the same sensibility,” she says. “The stories and characters must make me a better artiste. It’s not the length of the role or playing second lead… but sometimes you get a film like Delhi 6 or Pad Man, The film isn’t about you, but the question is — what is it that you can do with the character?”

Known to be quite the fashionista in the industry, Sonam says that the secret is never to crumble under the lens when it comes to dressing up. “No boy or girl should take the pressure on themselves. You should only dress up for yourself, and look good for yourself. Getting pressured is incorrect. If I wear clothes and make-up, it’s only for myself. If one day I have to wear my pyjamas and leave home, I will. Others’ validation is not important at all,” she says.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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