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AR Rahman to share stage with daughters Khatija and Raheema for the first time

Published Dec 15, 2019, 1:00 am IST
Updated Dec 15, 2019, 1:33 am IST
AR Rahman
 AR Rahman

AR Rahman's daughters Khatija and Raheema have been featured in Ahimsa, a new single composed by U2 and ARR. The duo has rendered verses from the Tamil literary classic Thirukkural in serene voices. Proud father ARR posted a picture on his social media handle and wrote: “My daughters Khatija&Raheema featuring in #Ahimsa along with @U2”.

He also wrote that Raheema and friends explain the meaning of the Tamil chants in #Ahmisa, and posted a video featuring Raheema saying, “All of you might have heard the album Ahimsa by U2 and AR Rahman on YouTube. My sister Khatija and I sing Tamil chants from Thirukkural, which is a collection of Tamil couplets.”

Swedish artiste Linda explains the meaning of 'Ahimsa' and the Thirukkural couplets, including 'PirarkinnaMurpagalSeyyin, Thamakinna, PirpagalThaame Varum' in English and Swedish. “Ahimsa means non-violence in actions, words and thoughts. If you inflict suffering on someone when he or she has not done you any evil, it will bring you unbearable sorrow.”

It is learnt that AR Rahman will be opening for U2 when the Irish rock band performs in Mumbai on December 15. Khatija and Raheema will accompany him. Perhaps this is the first time that the trio will be on stage together.

“The concept of ahimsa or non-violence, it's Indian, it's South Asian, it's Buddhist, and sometimes we have to remind people about love, about ahimsa,” the Oscar winner has reportedly said, explaining his inspiration for writing a song on the subject. “It requires courage and strength to be non-violent. It's a mission and is most needed to heal the modern world and it is incredible timing to collaborate with U2, with their amazing legacy, to reinforce this movement.”

Earlier this year, on the occasion of the 10-anniversary celebrations of the music of Slumdog Millionaire, Rahman's daughter Khatija, who works for the poor through the AR Rahman Foundation, made an emotional speech hailing her dad for being not just a musical icon, but a humble human being and amazing father. She praised the values he taught them. “Though the world knows you for your music and the awards that you won, I have immense love and respect for you because of the values you taught us (his three children). Your humility matters the most tome”, she was quoted as saying. “Not an atom of your character has changed since you won the Oscar; nothing has changed in you in the last 10 years, except that the time you spend with us reduced. I think you are making up for it now by taking us on short trips! There are a lot of noble things that you do for society. This is something that I value the most about you.”



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