Mehreen Pirzada rubbishes rumours surrounding her

The actress had made her Bollywood debut in the Anushka Sharma Diljit Dosanjh starrer 'Phillauri'.

Mumbai: Recently a lot of reports and rumours about actress Mehreen Pirzada have been making rounds in the media.

Clearing the air, Mehreen said, "I have been so busy every single day since I started to shoot these amazing projects that I don't even get Sundays to laze around or regular 7 hrs sleep but I not even regret that because for me work comes first. I don't know who has so much free time to put in so much efforts to spread baseless rumours? I stick to myself and my work, don't enjoy at all intruding into others domain. I love to appreciate than critize anyone. I am grateful I have 'A Cut Above' excellent team of experienced Managers Mahendra Garu & Supriya Garu, who are handling my schedules very well to ensure all my expected commitments are met smoothly so that I can deliver to the best of my ability and can do justice to all my commitments. They just drop a message on our team group for the next day call time & location and we are there dot on time.
The actress confirms that all her films are very special to her as an artist and she can never discriminate for none. It's a team effort that has to go hand-in-hand to get the best output.

“I’m passionate about my work. Rather I remain so excited about all these films that me and my committed staff are first ones to arrive onset mostly, no matter how early it may be in the morning. Sometimes we are delighted to welcome my vanity van & power backup van arriving minutes after.

"It's all about your outlook-the way you see things. Productive people see all positive and destructive ones waste time on negativity. I believe in selfless good deeds, who are we to decide anyone's fate? Sincerity, dedication, honesty, punctuality & hard work is a way I worship my work and God gives the results without asking for it. What we sow we reap."

Close sources reveal that all her directors and producers are very happy with her and wish to repeat her in their future projects.

"I love stretching my work hours and juggle between the sets and my audience for promotions. I’m enjoying every minute of this beautiful journey. That's what an actor's life is and every actor dreams of being busy round the clock. This is the life that I too had dreamt off and feel blessed for getting to live it so early at the start of my career."

"I had fractured my foot due to uneven surface while shooting for my debut film 'Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha' in a Fort on a outdoor location. My co-star Nani & the unit were thinking off calling off the shoot as the doctor on taking an X-Ray recommended plaster & complete 3 weeks bed rest for me but looking at the more severity of the difficulty of getting location permission of shoot for a week in that Fort & Lepakshi Temple I pushed myself to walk and climbed up 400 steps to the location without plaster or a single hour of off from shoot because I respect my work. No matter the pain was severe, I got infection in my foot and got high fever that I finally collapsed on the doctor's table after a week of completing my commitment from shoot. The movie became a blockbuster hit along with the 'Novvante Na Nanavu' song that we were shooting which ruled the Chartbuster list and is popular even today and came in as an earned reward for me and I got so much love as Mahalakshmi. Till today people address me like that wherever I go.

"I counted my hurt as a hit sentiment. Same way I got badly injured in my back & leg during a shoot in Croatia-Europe for another song shoot for Mahanubhavudu, the doctor's repeated the same rest prescription but I again followed my heart to give my more than 100% to the shoot commitment with no excuse. You will see injured me dancing to the melodious tunes. I again told my Director-Producer 'with a wide smile, Sir I got hurt, I'm sure movie is going to be a big hit'", added Mehreen.

During Raja The Great shoot again while shooting for an action sequel in the sugarcane fields at RFC, I got bad cuts on my foot and suffered severe foot infection with high fever but I never let that smile & commitment fade away due to the pain. Seeing my lovely Co-Star The Energetic Ravi Teja Garu's & My Dynamic Director Anil Ravipudi's high energy levels I kept my moral high to juggle between different sets of my 4 films, even once round the clock 25 hrs continuously I shot at Mahanubhavudu set in RFC Hyd, flew to Chennai the same day to join shoot for my Tamil Debut Telugu Bilingual to join back Raja The Great sets back in Hyd. In the same condition with my swollen foot & high fever I danced to numbers in Raja The Great, Jawan & my Bilingual film because I simply love my work.

I think to me that's my understanding of professionalism where you got to be a fighter no matter what, you can't withdraw yourself in the middle of the battle field.

I take everything positive & even if anything unfavourable happens around I count it as a blessing in disguise. I know God is amazing in his own way and he will take care.

On a concluding note she said, "I believe in let the work make noise."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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