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I like to observe people: Diljit Dosanjh

Published Jun 15, 2019, 6:50 pm IST
Updated Jun 15, 2019, 9:51 pm IST
The actor, who next stars in Punjabi film 'Shadaa', says this nature of his has helped him crack a few story ideas.
Diljit Dosanjh.
 Diljit Dosanjh.

Mumbai: Actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh says he observes people very keenly as he believes every person has a story to tell, which could be a great idea for a film.

The actor, who next stars in Punjabi film "Shadaa", says this nature of his has helped him crack a few story ideas.


"I am an observant. I like to observe people. I believe every person has a story that comes out from the way they talk, their opinion, their mindset and their body language. By doing this, I have cracked a few ideas for films," Diljit told PTI.

The actor says he had the initial idea for "Shadaa", which revolves around person looking for a bride even though he has crossed the desirable age of marriage.

"I felt this can be a nice idea for a film. I discussed the idea with my filmmaker friends, then a team was formed and the story was written.


"In Punjab, we have a friendly environment and whoever gets a story idea, we discuss it openly and work jointly towards it. The script of this was then developed by Jagdeep and he directed the film as well."

Diljit also reveals that "Shadaa" isn't the first film whose idea he cracked. He says he had also got the basic idea for his 2012 hit "Jatt And Juliet".

"I had discussed the idea about a boy and girl and how they are keen to go abroad and stay there, how they both come together forms the story, with my friends and that's how 'Jatt And Juliet' was born."


"Even for the film 'Rangroot', which is based on World War I, I had seen some information and images on the internet and felt this was an apt story to turn into a film."

Ask him if he plans to become a full-time writer, pat comes the reply, "No. It is not my job."

Diljit is one of the most recognisable faces from the Punjabi film industry and he believes there is immense potential in the state's cinema.

"Punjabi cinema is pretty new and it is still growing. We have fewer screens as well. Our films release in about 1200 to 1300 screens. We are trying to reach to a wider audience."


"However, our films do well commercially in the north belt and even internationally. Our attempt is to make good films that are enjoyed by everyone. Also today we have our films releasing on online platforms like Netflix."

"Shadaa", written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, also features Neeru Bajwa. The film is produced by Atul Bhalla, Amit Bhalla, Anurag Singh, Aman Gill and Pawan Gill. It releases on June 21.