It's bizarre! Ranveer Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez worshipped by virgins for sex

A ritual called Damadami Mai is practiced every year by virgin men and women.

Mumbai: Valentines Day, the season of love, is an opportunity for singles to mingle. The festival is celebrated by all couples, and some singles pray hard to become double by the day end.

Students of Hindu College however pray hard to a selected Bollywood actor and actress so that they can lose their virginity within 6 months. Yes, you heard that right.

A ritual called Damadami Mai is practiced every year by virgin men and women, and a fresher (obviously a virgin) becomes a pandit. The students believe that everyone who part takes in the pooja finds a partner within the next 6 months.

The Bollywood actress worshipped last year was Disha Patani, who has been replaced by Jacqueline Fernandez this year for all the virgin men. For the girls however, Ranveer Singh turned a “love guru” for the day.

Jacqueline’s pictures were worshipped by the students of the college under a tree on the premises of their campus. The tree too was decorated with condoms filled with water, which is a practice followed every year.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Lalit Kumar, president of the Hindu College hostel, confirmed, “We mostly only choose a Damdami Mata every year, but this year we will also have a new introduction, a Love Guru – the male counterpart of the Damdami Mai. While the Damdami Mai is decided by the boys hostel, the Love Guru was chosen this year by the girls hostel. Jacqueline Fernandez and Ranveer Singh were chosen because they are the hottest and the most in-demand stars right now. Something that makes them worthy of the status of Damdami Mai and Love Guru.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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